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Agreed. I clearly favored Young but hoping I’m wrong.


Livers can play. Anyone who wins Mr. Basketball in their state is not exactly a bum. I was pro Livers for sure. Rankings in basketball outside of the one and done types don’t mean a damn thing in basketball. I have never seen a rankings service an at actual high school game in Michigan. They are all watching the prep school one and dones. Basketball is terribly underscouted IMO.


Maybe? I’m not sure that this is a data point that proves that is what I mean.

Things certainly haven’t been going very right for OSU hoops for a while now. I think Holtmann is a good coach, but I don’t necessarily think he’s going to fix things overnight there.

I’m not sure the Holtmann ceiling is what Matta’s ceiling was, but maybe it is. We’ll find out soon enough.


Young was ahead of Livers going into last summer. He was pretty advanced skill wise but by the end of the summer Livers had mostly caught up and Livers is the better athlete with arguably the higher ceiling because of that. Young is a little undersized at the 4 but probably not quick enough to play the 3, but again, he’s really skilled.
Neither will start right away (Young will be behind Tate and Bates-Diop) so we won’t know for awhile but I’m happy UM got Livers in the end. He and Mathews bring athleticism and physicality to a team that hasn’t always had that in recent years.


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OSU’s Funderburk now dismissed and incoming commit Beverly released from LOI.
I think they’ll have 8 scholarship players on the roster (2 being freshmen).


Well it looks like Kyle Young will see the floor A LOT!


I am in the dark as anyone about what will happen early w/Holtmann at the helm for OSU. I’m good with Young coming back in state. Not a huge surprise but significant enough. At least some good news from a roster standpoint.
But Holtmann has a ton of work to do overall.
There’s but a single PG on Ohio State’s roster for next season. At this point Jae’Sean Tate is the backup. I love Jae’Sean but he’s stop gap material as a PG.
Needs to pull Columbus Upper Arlington wing Dane Goodwin back into the fold after he reopened his recruitment. From a public relations standpoint needs to corral a superlative 2018 recruiting class. Turn around the culture of a program whose players appeared okay with losing these past two seasons and do it before practice opens in the fall. Show there’s a distinct difference between the product on court last season and this coming season’s quality.
Not sure there’s a real chance for a quick turnaround for OSU. Got to do it from the ground up and gradually turn momentum around.


Wow. That program melted down fast. I expect a quick turnaround though. They should be able to recruit at a high level and they have a lot of playing time to sell kids on.


Looks like Dane Goodwin committed to Notre Dame…quick turnaround

Ready to be apart of the family!☘️

— Dane Goodwin (@danegoodwin23) July 6, 2017



Looks like the Big Ten will have protected rivalries next year: Michigan - MSU, Indiana - Purdue and Illinois - Northwestern


Yeah, this has been rumored for a little bit. Really strange how IU included it in the release in such a speculative tone. Sort of like Michigan just dropping the single plays in its non-conference release.


I like it. It sort of follows the NFL style of having division rivals and non-division games. In addition to MSU I’d like to have one more as well, Ohio State.


Maybe it’s a move to force the Big Ten’s hand? Or maybe it’s just to reduce complaining from their fanbase, lol.


Tbh, I think these three games are fine. In-state rivalries is a pretty good exception to make so they don’t have to police the quality of rivalries one by one.


You mean we can’t have our one-way rivalry with Rutgers football extend to Rutgers basketball?


I like it. Especially with an unbalanced schedule anyway, I’ll take the excitement of playing MSU twice and ensuring they come to Crisler despite the minor hit we get to our conference championship probabilities playing MSU over potentially playing a potentially bottom tier team.