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I’d love it. While I’d love to do true round-robin home and aways, that’s not really feasible. 20 games is. No reason we should have such unbalanced schedules within a conference.


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Thanks for that sentiment. The bottom just fell out on him. His health may be the main reason. I hope he can get back to feeling good again, as much as possible, anyway.


An OSU suspension

Freshman Forward Derek Funderburk Suspended

COLUMBUS, Ohio-Chris Holtmann, Ohio State head men’s basketball coach, suspended redshirt freshman forward Derek Funderburk Thursday for failure to meet team expectations.

Funderburk, a native of Lakewood, Ohio, played his senior year of high school at Hargrave Military Academy. He redshirted in 2016-17 at Ohio State and has four years of eligibility remaining.


There’s a new sheriff in town.


Jeez, I don’t think I’ve ever seen teams spiral out of control quite like MSU football and OSU basketball this past year aside from major scandals.


How about M football when Lloyd Carr left. Pretty ugly.


Eh, I was thinking more of discipline issues and players leaving for bad reasons. I understand why a lot of the guys left after Carr and our miserable season was after a major coaching philosophy switch.


The Ellerbe years and the aftermath still have them beat, though the pending sanctions did play a role in that.


Yup, I was very young when he was still here so I have no memory of that really happening.


Can’t wait for the Big Ten teams who lose in the first round of the NCAA tourney to blame the Big Ten tourney schedule


Is there some reason that it HAD to be at MSG next season? Did Delaney check on availability of of MSG before committing the B1G to MSG? This decision not only creates a big gap between BTT and NCAAs, but compresses the early schedule and puts greater burden on the student/athletes (if that term really means anything to Delaney).


As I just tweeted: follow the money. The hockey/hoops double headers also being at the Garden make me think there’s a pretty generous financial setup and incentive to have the tourney at MSG.


I’m not privy to Barclay’s event schedule, but BTT at Barclay’s during the usual tourney week would have been so much better than this early MSG set up. All about Delaney and $$$ and some personal goal of holding an event at “the basketball mecca.” I’m sure Beilein will adjust accordingly, I just hope it doesn’t negatively impact the team.


ACC Tournament is at Barclays from March 6th through 10th so that wouldn’t work (at least this year).


Kyle Young to OSU


Oh cmon!!!


Of course. I fully expect to OSU right the ship quickly because that seems to be their luck lately.


Not sure that flipping a hometown kid who seemed to leave the state because he liked you more than the in-state coach after you replace the in-state coach is that significant of a sign that everything is fixed. Good addition and I think Young will be a good player, but is it that surprising?


Bummer for LaVall.