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Not really a great place to put this… so figured I’d start a new thread.

Awful loss for Illinois tonight

Was in the building, year after year it’s the same problem. No rim protection and no playmakers on the team. Coleman-lands has somehow regressed and Aaron Jordan/dj Williams have gotten no better at all. Groce has got to be on the hottest seat In the big ten.

Well they just got that 5 star locked in atleast, lol

He will be a decent big. Not really the rim protector type.

Thoughts on Northwestern destroying Texas? Big win for NW…could be sitting at 4-0 if they could have held on @ Butler.

Collins is building a good program there. Wonder if he will be a replacement consideration down the road for UM or MSU or is he going to wind up at Duke.

Illinois = Good recruiter, can’t coach.

Good recruiter who didn’t think Caris would translate to the B1G. I’m in Missouri and I can tell you that the Illini crowd here isn’t a fan of Groce for a variety of reasons. I’m stunned he pulled that kid from E. Stl.

Yeah, NU has a nice young roster, and they’re about to pour big dollars into the arena and I think build practice facilities after. Going to be interesting to see what Collins can build there and how he can recruit Chicago and Illinois.

As for Groce, he made a lot of hay out of that one NCAA run, a season his team finished third in its MAC division. He’s got a good class coming in but he’s also going to lose Hill and a bunch of other players. I’ll be quite surprised if he’s still there

I see no reason they keep him around these parts. Player development has been very poor and most of the people I know around here, are ready for him to go. The majority of the game vs Winthrop they had 3 seniors and more than half the time 4 seniors. The roster is a mess currently and they’re losing much more than they’re gaining next year. While we will have 4 centers next year, tilmon is their one and only option. Starting with a new coach next year is probably the best idea IMO.

All you’ve got to do is look around the country and look at all the point guards from Illinois and how great they’re playing and that tells the story. Groce can’t keep kids home and that’s a problem when Chicago produces the best players.

Agree - If he gets Northwestern to the NCAA tourney, he deserves a look by some serious programs when those doors open.

Big Ten Stock Up: Michigan, Northwestern, Indiana
Big Ten Stock Down: Illinois, Michigan State – maybe Maryland, but I’d hesitate to knock a team that’s 4-0.

Who am I missing?

Rutgers up. That 4-0 wouldn’t be impressive for other Big Ten teams, but exceeds their expectations.

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I’d have Minnesota trending up simply because I had 0 expectations and Coffey has looked like the real deal. And Wisconsin down just slightly after the road loss to Creighton and letting a huge lead slip against a bad Tennessee team yesterday in Maui. Tonight against Georgetown could change that though

Good points. Rutgers basically has to go up and they’ve done that – not much room to go down.

Wisconsin and Purdue I kind of had holding to form – neither loss was really bad, but they haven’t set the world on fire.

Want to check out Minnesota a bit tonight.

Ugh…Northwestern completely blew the Notre Dame game. McIntosh going 3-18 didn’t help any either. 4 pt loss to Notre Dame and 2 pt loss to Butler - those are the games that get you in the tourney for the first time ever!

Northwestern still doing Northwestern things. Brutal end there, had the game just needed to finish.

Minnesota crushing Arkansas

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And IU struggling with Fort Wayne