Jeff Meyer to Butler // Coaching Search

Thanks to Coach Meyer! He helped tremendously in pushing us to another level and was a good recruiter.
Nice pickup for Butler and Coach Val.

With that said, what’s the coaching search look like now? Meyer was a good recruiter in Indiana.

Statement from Beilein on the front page

Wasn’t sure where to put this, but assistant coach Jeff Meyer, who has been at UM for 9 years, will be going to Butler to work with Lavall Jordan.

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More of a harbaugh type hire but Lorenzo Romar would have been a great replacement.

Wow, wasn’t expecting this. What names come to mind right away?

Cornell Mann was a finalist last summer but took a job with Missouri recently. One name I would like to see is Darris Nichols, at Florida played for JB.

Wow - didn’t realize it was 9 years!

Immediate reaction is that this is probably a great setup for LaVall Jordan to have Meyer’s experience on board and probably a nice, different opportunity for Meyer. I’d also venture a guess that it didn’t take that much to hire Jordan away from Milwaukee and there’s probably a decent assistant salary pool setup for Jordan.

As for what direction Michigan goes… We’ll have to see. Seems like we’ve exhausted the assistant coaching target lists over the last few years now (for example Saddi was a finalist when LaVall was hired, then got the job last year).

Indiana/Ohio ties would seem to be near the top of the list as that’s where Meyer operated – and if you go back through the list, Meyer was an integral recruiter in a lot of Michigan’s biggest gets.


The chances of Beilein ever hiring Lorenzo Romar (who already got picked up on staff at Arizona) are probably less than 0.


I also would love to see a guy with deep ties to europe, a tommy lloyd at gonzaga type. More and more of those guys are coming over, its all about relationships over there, and those guys really fit how beilein likes to play.

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I realize that, thats why i said he is more of a harbaugh type hire. Beilein does not like to go outside his comfort zone.

Curious if Greg Paulus who was at Ohio State would get a look.

I thought about Paulus too - hurts losing the Indiana inroads that Meyer has, but if the plan at OSU is to build a wall around the state (lol), might as well look into someone with strong Ohio ties.


I don’t know much about Jeff Meyer but I always assumed that if Tom “you helped ruin our program” Crean does not like him, then he must be one hell of a guy.


What’s the back story on that? I don’t ever remember hearing that but I like it.

The video

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Thanks for sharing the video. I never realized any of that.

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