Who will be Michigan's leading scorer next year?

Thought this could be an interesting topic… The options are basically two guys we’ve never seen play at Michigan, Moritz Wagner (when was the last time a big man led Michigan in scoring?) or Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman, who has never used more than 17% of available possessions.

What do you guys think?

I’m really curious to see if we get a jump in production from MAAR next season. There’s a chance he could have to be our #2 option. As a side note, it’s kinda crazy how Chatman, Doyle, and Dawkins would also be in their final year here. It’ll be interesting to see how they do at their new schools.

If we get the most out of Wagner, it’s him no question.

I get why Wagner is the obvious choice, but he probably won’t have the ball in his hands or play as many minutes as Michigan’s perimeter options.

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Very true. Part of the reason it’s Wagner for me is how unproven and new the other options are. Moe was at 12 PPG last year with all his inconsistencies and was never really a true featured player. Anticipating modest improvement makes it hard for me to see Moe finishing with less than 15 PPG unless something goes wrong. And it’s equally hard for me to see Simmons or Matthews scoring above that mark. Walton scored 15.5 per game for reference last year

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I wouldn’t have originally said Wagner, but you make some good points there. I’m gonna have to agree with you.

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Simmons, if we are going to be good.


MrLG thinks you have forgotten about Duncan. I would say the candidates are Mo, Duncan and Simmons. I can’t see either MAAR or Matthews as the guy. FWIW, last year it was Mo 12.4, MAAR 9.2 and Duncan 8.2 in just 20 minutes per game.

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I think it comes down to Mo and Simmons. I’d guess it’ll be Mo.

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I very much disagree with the poster who said that Moe being our leading scorer means we won’t be good.

Last time a forward led Michigan in scoring was 2003-2004 Lester Abram and pre-Beilein. I think Mo will be our best player but a guard will lead the team in scoring.

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And when was the last time that we had a center who could consistently create his own offense and shoot 40% from deep on a high volume?

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Duncan Robinson

Wagner unless Matthews or Simmons leads us to a top 4 big ten tourney seed.

Hedges bets…but I pick mo if fact checked later.

Matthews would be my guess but I think it will be something similar to this past year where there are 3 - 4 in double figures and a different guy pops off each night.

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Would not be surprised to see Duncan lead the team if he starts but most likely Wagner. The alpha dominating the ball on offense…I would guess MAAR or Matthews maybe Simmons

Way to be decisive.


I could definitely see all 5 starters (assuming Duncan is a starter) averaging 10+, with no one above 14.

My guess would be whichever of Simmons or MAAR averages more minutes…as I feel X will eat into one of theirs enough to cut the shot attempts down.

I’d go with Wagner. He lead the team in points per minute last year. He’ll be better at staying on the court. They won’t have someone more versatile (like DJ was this year). And he’ll have some huge games that will prop up the scoring average.

Simmons and Matthews are wild cards, but I’m not sure either will be huge volume scorers at Michigan. It won’t be MAAR (won’t get substantially higher usage) or Robinson (defense will keep him from getting enough minutes).


I think Wagner, Matthews, and Simmons will all average around the same next year (somewhere between 12 and 15) with MAAR a slight tick behind.