Big Ten Discussion


Tbh, I think these three games are fine. In-state rivalries is a pretty good exception to make so they don’t have to police the quality of rivalries one by one.


You mean we can’t have our one-way rivalry with Rutgers football extend to Rutgers basketball?


I like it. Especially with an unbalanced schedule anyway, I’ll take the excitement of playing MSU twice and ensuring they come to Crisler despite the minor hit we get to our conference championship probabilities playing MSU over potentially playing a potentially bottom tier team.



Interesting that the top and bottom halves of these ranking closely mirror the presumed top and bottom halves of pre-season rankings (categorically, not in order), minus MSU and Minny. With the better teams playing each other, and the worse teams playing each other, seems like there could be a bunch .500, +/- a game, teams.

MSU’s weak double play schedule isn’t too big of a deal, since they’re thought to be far and away the gold standard; but Minny could once again luck into a pretty record/RPI, even if they’re considered a top 4 team



Would you say Beilein coached offenses are similar to Underwood coached offenses? I get that they both use the two guard system but they are on opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of tempo.

Does Underwood use ball screens as much as our offense does?


Not sure where to place this comment. Just took a look at Cassius Winston video at Moneyball. Yikes. He does not appear to be in good shape at all. Still awesome handles and vision but he appears Overweight. Immobile. Slow. I really can’t envision him guarding anybody on our team.


Doesn’t look too bad here…


Thanks Weels. He does not look overweight in that picture at all. Maybe it was the fit of the moneyball uniform but if that is a recent picture then clearly I was wrong about him being overweight. I am still interested to see if he can defend this year…Because we all know he is quite a weapon offensively.

Also, In the moneyball clips, Ward looks significantly quicker and in better shape.



About time.


Does anyone know when kenpom usually releases the preseason rankings?


Last year’s was 10/24


Michigan picked T-5 (along with Maryland) in preseason poll of beat writers.



Shocked that Teddy put Michigan at #2 above Northwestern


I’m guessing that, being a Chicago guy, he sees Charles Matthews’ potential impact in a more optimistic light.



Very tough loss for Wisconsin there…


He’s basically Nik Stauskas. Would be one that Beilein would go after if he hadn’t committed to UW.