Potential 17 targets

I guess I was wondering more about why we’re looking at a 2-guard 2017 in Thomas Allen. I wouldn’t mind getting a real good 2-guard grad transfer or even PG option but I don’t understand why we’re looking at Thomas Allen?


We should be kicking the tires on only highly rated 2017s or transfers from the coaching shake ups then grad transfers. The kid from wright st should be our priority for grads from the names out there.

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It seems there might be mutual interest with Cam Johnson.

Definately is interest and I’d take him in a heartbeat. Cam Johnson next to Charles Matthews on the wings for the next two years would be long, athletic and talented.

I’d STILL go after Hunter and Johns in '18 though. Johnson can/will play the 2 guard with Poole. Also, not convinced we’re going to land Ryan/Carmody or any other '18 SG. Johnson could be a stud here.

Have you guys seen film or watched Pitt? Been looking but can’t find anything online, he has enough dribble game to play the two? Hard to turn a kid like this away if there is interest from him just hope he can create some.

Hope we don’t miss out due to the Bamba recruitment.

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This would be Shakwon Barrett’s 2nd visit to Michigan

I don’t remember him to well. Worth it?

Working on pulling some new video.

From what I remember I still prefer Alvork or whatever his name is. Besides moe he’d be my top target

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So is this an insurance if another ship opens up or could we take this kid over the grad transfers?

Looks similar to Greg Elliott to me, can he defend?

I’d much prefer Elliott or just banking the scholarship to Barrett and I would WAY rather have the grad transfer from Wright State.

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Elliott is off the board:

A guy with some ball skills who is tall and athletic enough to guard a few positions is always good to have, especially the way the game is moving, but I’d be surprised if Barrett got an offer. Maybe if Bamba doesn’t come, there’s NBA attrition and they strike out on grad transfers. I’d guess that it’s more that Barrett asked to come in.

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If that’s the case, I can really appreciate the staff for making sure bases are covered. Although I’m still surprised with adding Brooks and Poole that they’d look at another combo-guard in the 2017 class.

Always be recruiting. We have been surprised before. Back up plans are a good thing.

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Yup, as are good relationships with players, coaches, AAU teams, etc.

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