Potential 17 targets

Always be recruiting. We have been surprised before. Back up plans are a good thing.

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Yup, as are good relationships with players, coaches, AAU teams, etc.

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So Darius Morris with an outside shot? :slight_smile:

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I’d take Barrett in a heartbeat.

Beginning of highlights i was not impressed but they really picked up. Great length, very smooth, sick pull up game. I still would prefer alvork and then get an 18 just because an instant impact scoring wing could put us over the top and I’d like to go for the gusto here. I really believe a lineup of

X/ maar
maar/ alvork/Poole
Mathews / Duncan
Dj/Duncan/ Mathews
Moe/ Davis or teske

Could be a serious title contender. Obviously that’s me thinking a few guys redshirting is wise. I like livers but adding alvork would change minute distribution big time and I could see us playing small at the 4 to get Duncan and Mathews max minutes. Same with MAar backing up x at times.

Mark Alstork.

Barrett is still taking to at least two other schools in the weeks following his Michigan visit so it’s still very possible a Cam Johnson or Alstork can hop aboard.

Who knows what the staffs actual board of hierarchy looks like.

Exactly who knows, wish we did but wouldn’t surprise me if another recruit that we have never heard of visits before things are finalized.

I know Elliott is off the board. My point was that I am not high on Shakwon and I would rather we had just pursued Elliott harder if we were going to end up taking a flier on a 2017 guard. In any event, I’m hoping that they are just doing their due diligence and Barrett is a plan C option at this point.


Beilein has at least 5 factors in his evaluations that can’t be seen on film. When decisions don’t make sense I figure he’s got his reasons.

If they prioritize a PG, Barrett is a PG, not Elliott.

If they go after a 2 guard, Johnson, Alstork seem like top two. Elliott being a 2 guard, and a small 2G, like Brooks, dosent diversify the roster.

I’m thinking they aren’t 100% comfy with X next year if they go with Barrett. Every other part of the roster would be suited for a run. Although idk how much another freshman PG helps, unless they see Barrett as a can’t miss… idk

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Why? Honestly, I’m asking.

I don’t see the fit for him with the current roster distribution, but open to being swayed.

In my opinion he seems unlikely to earn a significant role next season — at the very best case scenario, he’s competing with Poole, Brooks, and Watson for one reserve slot in the rotation, with the most likely outcome seeing Barrett as 4th option of those four (still for one slot in the rotation).

And then in 2018-19, when DeJulius comes on board as a probable FR reserve PG, the roster still has Simpson as JR, Matthews a R-JR, Poole a SO, Brooks a SO…where does Barrett project in those plans?


He’s a point guard, he wouldn’t be competing with Poole, Brooks, Watson or MAAR.

He be competing with Xavier

Isn’t Brook a PG?


Brooks will likely see time at PG, and Poole could too – JB has referred to him as a combo guard. And if the idea is that Barrett could play multiple positions, he’d be competing with others too.

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Barrett is primarily a PG. he has better handles then Poole and Brooks, certainly not as pure of a shot then either. Brooks is being brought in as a combo’ish type, but clearly they don’t feel he’s a pure PG in going after Barrett.

But the only reason we’re going after Barrett is because there is a glaring void at the PG spot NEXT year. We don’t need him to compete with MAAR, Poole, Watson etc…his only competition would be Simpson.

It doesn’t seem clear at all that the staff feels like there’s a glaring need at PG or that they’re going after Barrett. Barrett has already visited and wasn’t offered, even though the staff has known the PG situation for next year for quite some time. Barrett almost certainly won’t get an offer on this visit with Bamba still out there. He may never get an offer. Beilein has said Brooks will be able to play multiple guard positions. He called Poole a true combo guard.

I’m also not convinced that Barrett has better handles than Poole or Brooks. You really think that JB is dead set on bringing in Barrett as basically the primary backup to Simpson next year? It certainly doesn’t seem clear to me.


I have become less concerned about the point guard spot after this year. Walton’s success and the team’s success under Walton proved that JB can win without having an elite PnR point guard/ lead guard like Burke, Stauskas and Morris. On another thread Yostghost, I think, initiated a discussion about whether or not JB has moved away from an emphasis on PnR to some extent…I don’t think the discussion gained traction but I think the idea is worth exploring and discussing because last year’s offense sure looked different yet successful.


Yes I think it’s absolutely clear because I don’t think the staff is bringing in a 3rd ‘combo guard’ in one class.

If they do end up adding Barrett, it’s clear, to me at least, he’s the other option at PG. Don’t care what JB says in a pressed regarding Poole. He’s not a going to play PG next year.

Now, I have no clue what their board looks like, if they offer Barrett or not etc… I personally like Johnson or Alstork, and would have Brooks be the only combo type kid backing up XS. Just depends on where the staff feels the biggest opportunity is on the roster next year. Problem is, the problem in '17-'18 is going to be completely different then the next year because DeJulius comes aboard. That’s where it gets interesting, as if it’s not already.

The team’s success with Walton proved the exact opposite. When he played poorly and lacked sufficient usage, the offense was mediocre. When he stepped up, the offense went to the next level.

I’m not convinced per se that it must be a guard and it must be the pick and roll, but they at least have to be able to pass out of the primary action, whatever that is. Otherwise the defense doesn’t have to rotate or extend away from the hoop. Walton and to some lesser extent Irvin definitely did that. Wilson/Wagner have not shown they can. So I really hope that whoever comes in has shown more flashes than that pair.