Potential grad transfer additions

6-foot-5 wing who played under… Billy Donlon. Could be a possibility.


If you can add Alstork to the roster, you do it. High volume & efficiency PNR player, shoots 38% from three, good assist numbers.


40% from the field on 14 shots a night.
4.3 turnovers.
3.5 assists.

With all the options out there, hopefully we do some exploring before offering this guy.

You gotta imagine JB will clean up the TO at the very least

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He used a massive percentage of possessions (34.7%, 7th most in the country) so the efficiency numbers aren’t going to be great. But I like his Synergy profile and he wouldn’t be using 35% of possessions at Michigan.

This seems promising. Shot 39% from 3 (and 38% last year). Listed at 6’5". Had some TOs but also a bunch of assists and probably wouldn’t have to do quite as much play-making at UM. Certainly won’t have to shoulder as much a load, as he was their leading scorer and a close second in assists. Obviously will have familiarity with the defense. Looks to be pretty physical and aggressive. Sign me up.

Agreed. Seems like the perfect fit given all the variables. Seems like an even better fit because he looks like a guy who’d be okay coming off the bench.

That’s the tough part because there’s probably no starting job competition for a grad transfer. They would have to be content transferring to come off the bench.


Turnovers an issue, but with his usage set to go down at a bigger school, I think it could be an easy fix. TO% was lower when usage was lower. With several other good players on the roster, he wouldn’t have to be the man all the time

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What about Cam Johnson from Pitt. He’s a grad transfer with 2 years of eligibility left. He’s 6’8 and shot 41.5% from three this past season and avg. 11.9 ppg. Maybe another possibility if they go the grad transfer route.

Alstork sounds very intriguing especially since he played for Donlon and assuming they have a good relationship.


I saw on Twitter somewhere that either Torvick or Kenpom, using their player comparison tools, how Duncan Robinson to be the most similar player in the country to Cam Johnson. Dont get me wrong, I think he’d be a good add (just about any grad transfer seems like the best not-Bamba option), but it seems like the staff may want to seek out someone a little less redundant.

Alstork looks to be about as well-rounded of a player as a program could ask for…Appears to have very deep range…He looks like a good and tough defender…Although he did not seem explosive in terms of verticality he looks quick and appears to have the strength to bully even bigger players…I liked his video a lot.


Can he play the 2 for Michigan or is he exclusively a wing? Can he handle the ball?

2 Questions:

  1. Any idea on the grad transfer timeline versus the Mo Bamba timeline?

  2. Did Donlon recruit him or just coach him (too lazy to look it up for myself :slight_smile: )

He transferred there from Ball State while Donlon was the coach.

Only Mo knows his timeline. It seems like we’ll wait to accept anyone until Bamba decides or it becomes comical (which does not seem likely).

Matthews didn’t pick us until may if I’m remembering correctly. Plenty of time on transfers as they’re essentially reopening their recruitment.

Are you saying that there are no starting jobs available at Michigan for a potential grad transfer? If so, I disagree. Other than maybe Wilson and Wagner if they both come back, I think the other 3 positions are open for competition.

I think MAAR is 100% locked in as a starter. I don’t see JB bringing in a grad transfer to overtake a Senior two-year starter. That person may eat his minutes but not start over him.

I also think we can pencil in Matthews as a starter. If a grad transfer has to come in and starts over him, then we’re probably in trouble.

At PG, yeah I can definitely see that being open. I think if it was a grad PG, they’d have the opportunity but in my opinion they wouldn’t bring in a starting type PG transfer.

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I think JB will start the best player at each position. In reality, there are probably only going to be a few grad transfers throughout the entire country that are good enough to start over MAAR or Matthews. And odds are slim that they’ll end up in Ann Arbor. But if they showed interest, why wouldn’t JB recruit them and start them? Neither MAAR nor Matthews nor Simpson are good enough that they should be handed a starting position and not exposed to further competition.

If a Damion Lee, Dylan Ennis, or Rasheed Sulaimon (minus the baggage) wanted to come to Michigan, JB would be foolish not to take them and let them compete for starting spots at the 2 and 3.

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If they are indeed looking for wings/2-guards (as opposed to PGs), it might tell us something. It could be that they just don’t think they could get the right guy at PG. But it could also mean that’s where they think the greatest need (or potential need) is. SG is what that grad-transfer from Columbia played last year that Michigan went after (and who ended up scoring 10 pts a game at Cal on 43% 3pt shooting).

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