Potential 17 targets

With it being a waiting game with Bamba, wanted to start a thread on 17 potential targets. Greg Elliott has obviously been talked about a lot and Chris Smith was a recent one but he committed to UCLA.

Thread to post any new targets or even recruits who are still available that might be worth a look then there is always coach movement and grad transfers as well.

Marcus Keene the PPG leader in the country on Central Michigan is a redshirt junior. No idea if he is on pace to graduate and/or is interested in transferring.


WOW that kid is filling it up. And he’s only 5’9??

Very interesting.

Not a bad idea. Wish we had landed bearden or the kid Who went to cincy.

I’m sticking with adding a ball handling grad transfer who can shoot and banking for 18

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Keene would be interesting for sure, pure speculation but I’m curious if someone like Sherron Dorsey Walker (very good academics) or Martez Walker at Oakland would look at the grad transfer route, both averaging double figures.

Saddi connection too

Sherron Dorsey Walker is out of eligibility I believe. Also, it’s hard to debate grad transfers before they announce they are transferring.

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Yeah I know just a couple of local kids who got me thinking.

You are also right I believe, if a player transfers and plays 4 years that would make them ineligible for the grad transfer, right?

Not always, but if SDW redshirted his first year at Iowa State so I think he’s a RS Senior. It would be a RS Junior who could grad transfer.

Marcus Keene is getting 2nd round NBA buzz and will have his pick of contracts in Europe after this season.

New name, listed 6-3 to 6-5 thin but not much out there on him. Similar size to Elliott from the photos and quick videos I saw.

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Recent film

Can’t say that Barrett film jumps out at me but its extremely limited footage. Seems to give the impression he has an advanced/creative handle and can shoot off the bounce but doesn’t seem explosive. Interested to see more.


I know there’s limited film so far but is he really a PG? Or more of a 2/combo?

If we are in on Barrett I hope that means they are in recruiting Elliott as they have similar games from quick view.

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For those of you guys from Michigan what’s up with Davion Bradford? Surprised he’s not recruited more. I can find nothing really about him but his film looks good every time

Are we still recruiting Brian Bowen?

Agree seems to be very similar and if you ask me I would take Elliott based on this limited film.

No that ship sailed a long time ago I’m pretty sure

Michigan didn’t make his top group. From everything I have heard, he is down to MSU, Arizona and Creighton.