Potential 17 targets

Somewhere between MAAR and Xavier sounds about right.


The Beilein leverage thing helps in M’s offense. You don’t necessarily have to have ball on a string to be effective. Get leverage and go!
With Brooks’ shot and quick release he’s going to put defenders in unenviable positions.

On one of the other strings, there was a sense that Brooks is going to come to Ann Arbor in June, soon after he graduates from high school. If that’s the case, hopefully he’ll get a jump start on the acclimation process from HS to college!

True, but he has mentioned recently that due to the contact rules changes, players who can play 1v1 and create their own shot are more valuable. Hopefully Brooks fits that description, but we will see. He’s playing through a lot of trash (to borrow a football term) in high school where everyone is trying to impede his movement. With more space he would probably look a bit slicker.

Another thing about Brooks, in his AAU games he looks a bit boring in a good way. There is a quotation from Johan Cruyff “Playing football is very simple, but playing simple football is the hardest thing there is.” Brooks makes things look simple, which is the hallmark of a good player.

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I know that most thought we wasnt coming here anymore but it is official that Elliott is going to Marquette

Marquette has to be MattD’s favorite college team now right?? Cain AND Elliott


Webb said this morning that Michigan would be looking for a grad transfer, especially some wing scoring help. Said his “gut” tells them they’d do that “in a heartbeat.”

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Also have Ike Eke from Michigan.

Sorry I got lost in the thread, do what in a heartbeat?

Is MSU the only P5 school to offer Elliott?

Whoops, I didn’t make that clear – they’d in a heartbeat grab a grad-transfer wing who could score.

Yeah, just MSU. Providence and Marquette from the Big East also offered i believe

Those are power 5 schools too…

Yeah the whole BCS 6 turning to Power 5 thing is a bit messy. Technically the Power 5 would be Pac 12, Big12, Big 10, ACC and SEC. This mostly applies to Football at this point and the Big East is just as competitive as the “Power 5.” Hence, I why i provided the Big East offers as well


Big East is a high major offer in my book. There are six high-major college hoops conferences. Power 5 is a football thing.

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Sorry if I missed it but what’s the reason you take another 2017 2-guard if you already have Poole and Brooks coming in the same class? Both of whom seem to be more of the “offensive” minded type guards anyway.

I think they mean a Grad transfer 2 guard. More likely to impact the '17-'18 team without losing a scholarship for a 2018 hs recruit. Brooks and Poole are exciting, but they are more unknowns against d1 comp than a grad transfer would be.

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Are we likely to get anyone good that is willing to come here for backup minutes?