NCAA proposes removing the “one-time” part of its transfer rule

Posting this here, too (accidentally did so in the Big Ten thread):

Hate this so much.


“Son, there’s no I in team.”

“Yeah, but there’s a big T!”

Kinda makes sense considering they haven’t stopped anyone from transferring more than once so far.


Sport is gonna get so messy but I kind of love it

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hugely in favor of this for the players but the few years before this stabilizes in one way or another (ideally, with contracts for the players) are gonna be wild. it’s going to be like the week we thought TSJ was coming to michigan and then went to illinois instead, except all year round!


I do think this benefits someone like Juwan who has so far proven to be very good at reducing attrition.


I don’t really see the multi-transfer thing being a big worry for schools at the top of the food chain. The kids that can make a difference in the Big Ten are probably going to be one-time transfers who are All-League type guys at lower levels.

There might be a very small number of kids who get tapped up by Duke or Kentucky, but if those kids are playing HM ball and are good enough, wouldn’t they just go pro?

Michigan would hypothetically benefit if there are more “ladder” kids out there … LM to MM+ to HM?

the NCAA just sits around farting all day


Is there any talk of tightening the transfer windows to allow coaches to know who’s staying and who’s going in order to build their rosters? I know that takes some power away from the players, but given that they’re all 1-year free agents at this point it seems like a reasonable compromise.


Yeah, the transfer window is mentioned in the thread. Here’s the full release:

Also, this isn’t “done” it would have to be approved.


This is exactly what should NOT happen. As for kturnup’s concern, the NCAA ought not to grant waivers, in my opinion, except in true hardship situations, family or medical emergency. That has been the rule, I believe though it may have been written in a wishy, washy way, and they have ignored it.

Yes, I know I am old, but I still believe in college athletics with college athletes who go to school for the purpose of both getting an education including growing as a human being AND playing the sport they love. OF COURSE, many/most hope to go pro. If a year of college, or two or three or four will help them achieve that goal, great! But once they’ve committed to that course of life, and have passed a deadline to return to college, then they are pros and no longer eligible to play college basketball.

I guess I would be in the camp of allowing all kids who want to go straight to the pros to do so, but once they do, they rescind their right or eligibility to be college players, just as stated above. I would also support the current NCAA position that a player can declare for the draft and “test the waters” but if they don’t announce their intent to drop out of the draft and return to college by a certain date, they would also no longer be eligible to play in college. And, as I said, no waivers except in the case of hardship such as a true family or medical emergency.

College basketball players are becoming professionals in this current environment with seemingly unlimited NIL opportunities including “pay for play” and, if this new report is accurate, unlimited free agency. I’m sorry, I still love college basketball, though that may be an outmoded position to take in the eyes of some.

This is just my opinion as one who has been a fan of college sports for over 65 years and who coached for a LONG time. By the way, for those who would criticize my position on this, or who would say that I am “too old” to have a legitimate position on anything in the “modern” world, which I think would be a ludicrous assertion, or that I’m “living in the past,” I say b^llsh*t. The truth is, I have changed greatly on my positions on these issues, and this is where I arrived in my “evolution”


I support you Ernie. Don’t give up

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Maybe I can get a recruiting coordinator job at a D-I school based on my extensive low level pickup game lineup building experience:

“OK, I got next! Let’s go with you (points), you (points)…uhh, you in the back, yeah, track suit guy…not you (points), and…you, flip-flop dude. I’ll shoot for ball.”

I wish they would just speed run this and get to college players signing contracts with the school already


Thanks, Nick. One thing I know is that things change and the world will never be the same as they we when we were young. The world of tomorrow will be different in many ways than the world of today. That is a given, and it’s a statement that applies to all of us. It’s inescapable. In fact, the one constant is that there will be change.

So, we have a choice, we can accept that change will occur, and we can even embrace it and grow with it, even when it is difficult or even pain inducing for us to do so. OR, we can fight it. I have fought changes before, even railed against them, the ones that are out of my comfort zone, the ones I just DON’T want to accept, but today I really try hard to practice the words of the Serenity Prayer, "God, grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change, the COURAGE to change the things I can, and the WISDOM to know the difference. And even then I fall and have to constantly pick myself up, though I am content in knowing that over the years I have been able to accumulate “some” wisdom in my life experience account. Change is hard. Courage can be even harder. Serenity, I think, would be wonderful and I hope I find itand wisdom, well, that can be accumulated as we experience life. Sorry to lay a bunch of philosophy on ya!:wink: :grinning:

Edit:. Oh, my gosh, I wrote all that and then I didn’t really make my point as it relates to college basketball! College basketball and football are changing and pretty dramatically, and we can accept that, even embrace it, or we can fight it, but if we fight it we’re gonna lose. I don’t know for sure what the future holds but I can’t imagine not loving Michigan Basketball. Will that change? I hope not. God, grant me the SERENITY…


This seems like a complete disaster waiting to happen. With NIL it will be free agency every year. They should be putting the one year sit out rule back in to place, not removing it all together.


This could make low to mid-tier schools essentially farming teams for up-tier schools. For schools have resources (NIL money) and a cooperating admission department, I don’t see any reason to recruiting from high school that is not one-and-done.

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Not a big fan of this. Granted, I imagine the number of guys who want to transfer twice in their four years isn’t huge … although it will probably become more common if this passes.

Having to interact with the D1 players and college athletics in the past, I’m all for it. Let them have the power that they haven’t had since forever.