College Basketball 2022-23 Discussion

What are the other reasons?

TBH i honestly assumed that it was against rules to televise those or something, I’ve never heard of that before. Interesting, considering Michigan’s games are in several different countries I imagine the logistics are more complicated but that would be sick. I’d take any decent footage

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Also, Bahamas would be far less costly to support than anywhere in Europe, or frankly anywhere else in the world except Canada

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You have to want to broadcast your game for it to be broadcasted.


No I mean I agree Michigan would not want that, unfortunately. But even logistically speaking it might not be possible


Ah yeah, just mean that it isn’t against the rules. The biggest issue is probably just a network connection. There are pretty straightforward and automated ways to get a video of a game that is at least good enough to broadcast these days.


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Potentially relevant on two fronts:

  1. Kentucky is the favorite to land him and Michigan is playing Kentucky this year, and
  2. Maybe with him reclassifying to 2022, it will get UK to push harder for Booker in 2023 and they can steal him from MSU :sweat_smile:
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HD doing some heavy lifting here. Not much blowback in the comments though


“Heavy” as in 99% :joy:

Kentucky fans are too caught up in feeling slighted for anyone to care about Michigan


I mean, is Jacob Toppin known for anything other than being Obi’s brother? :sweat_smile:

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How much better is Jacob Toppin than TWill? Prob not that much anyway


Edey and Gillis were #9 and they should have been 6. Fardaws is getting way too much hype


I know they are pairs but I’m not taking Kalkbrenner over any of the other centers in the top five.


Neither are they. Kalkbrenner wasn’t in their top 25 CBB players (Kaluma was 23). Oscar, Timme, Bacot and Dickinson were in their top 5 players in CBB. Toppin and TWill just bring Oscar and Hunter down so much as part of the duo when they haven’t done much yet. Not many great duos on this list. This list has either one great player/one okay player or two pretty good, not great players. Top 2 spots are really the only ones that make a great tandem I would say.


IU fans were the pissiest of the bunch for this one. Had them 7


That front court has been together for 3 years already and has one play in game win to show for it.


I mean sure, but I would choose an AA and an average player over two pretty good players if I had to pick a duo.

I probably would as well. Michigan would likely be better with Dickinson + TWill in the lineup than Kalkbrenner + Kaluma (and same argument for O/Toppin)

Dickinson and Tschetter would be 3 minimum