Michigan announces Juwan Howard as new head coach

Hope the recruits not getting the wrong idea that uncle Ed is still there to hand out the goodies. :smile:

I am OK with Jalen talking up but prefer Webber to stay humble

If you listen to Jalen Rose’s interview last week about the Fab 5 and Juwan you would see why people really like this hire. Juwan was never in any of that mess, Jalen said he was always “the adult” in the room on that famed team. A point that he made that most don’t talk about is how the University may have taken down the banners and all but they returned all the money that the Fab 5 brought in. Juwan knows what kind of program that Coach Beilien ran, clean and respected. He’s not going to come in and mess that up.

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My thing is that Webber has demonstrated via word and action that he does not care, at all, about Michigan Basketball. I cannot think of one instance where that has not been the case. He hasn’t spoken to the Four for years. Anything he does or says at this point is about Webber.

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Jalen Rose: ‘No doubt’ Juwan Howard’s hiring at Michigan will bring Fab Five together

The important piece of this article, for me, is Jalen promising that there will be no circus sideshows. The fact that he’s out in front of that possibility strikes me as important.

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Webber has spoken to the other four. Just not Jalen. It’s gotten a bit rockier at various other times, but it’s not a thing where Webber hasn’t talked to any of them in 10 years.

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I hope it’s true, as well. I think we all do.

I was going to post that I think Juwan and Yak need to sit down and determine if their defensive philosophies are similar or essentially the same. If they would do that, and determine that they each have great respect for the other’s concept of defense, basketball knowledge, accomplishments and, hopefully, that they would really enjoy working together for Michigan Basketball, then perhaps Juwan would name Yak the Defensive Coordinator or even the Associate Head Coach. With the money they are saving on Juwan’s salary, because they are, they could offer Yak a large raise, too.

Is it just me, or does it seem Associate Head Coach at Michigan working for a coach who will need your help in gaining college coaching knowledge and expertise while you prepare to be a head coach yourself, would put a young coach in a great position to get his own first head coaching position? And if the money goes with it…? And not having to uproot his family, his son being able to finish high school without moving to a new one. I just think that’s the way to go.

As for the one who interviewed but didn’t get the job having his nose out of joint, well, I hope Yak is bigger and more mature than that. I hope he understands everything that went into Juwan getting the job. The man is a Michigan grad and a hometown hero, with GREAT success as a basketball player and coaching experience at the highest level. And I hope he doesn’t listen to “friends” who might say, “Oh, Luke, you got screwed. They should have hired you for the job,” because those folks won’t be doing him any good.

And the guy who got the job? Well, I would hope Juwan would be smart enough and wise enough to know how to handle that, too. And it starts with sitting down, telling Yak, “You are a great coach, you’ve been called a ‘defensive savant’ and I NEED you here with me at Michigan. Together we can do great things, and when the next great opportunity comes along I will give you my full support!” Great leaders know how to handle situations like that.

I hope Luke and Sanderson stay.


I’m seeing chatter that Rod Strickland could become an assistant for Michigan. 17 year NBA vet as a point guard.


Sam webb started following him this morning

He’s also currently in charge of the G League “Professional Path” program I believe.

Rod could be a dynamite hire for one of the positions.

Rod is part of Calapari’s tree (admin, not coaching) for those who are into that.

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The ideal setup for Juwan’s staff is likely

AHC-former college hc
AC-Current um assistant
AC-Ace recruiter that knows everybody in the grassroots scene. Strickland would be a great fit for this role.


Question borne out of ignorance, not at all challenging your assertion:

Is this true? Is he connected in grassroots basketball? Current job title wouldn’t necessarily indicate that to me.

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He’s in charge of the G League “Professional Path” so 100% yes he’s connected. His job is basically to find guys who would be willing to skip college and take that G League offer.


very connected, there’s a reason why the NBA hired him to try and recruit high school players to the g league


And he was the DOBO at Kentucky I believe.


Got it. I guess it would have helped me to understand the “professional path” program, d’oh. Just assumed that meant general G-League admin duties (so working with college guys that are marginal NBA talents). Thanks, all.

And also worked under Orlando Antigua at USF.