Harold Baruti '16 in on his way to an OV at UM

I’m still holding hope here that we get him as a late signee. I think he’s mature enough athletically and body wise to get instant minutes and have success. He has things this team is lacking and has lacked. He’s a total Larry brown guy I can see it. We could use one or two of those types.,…

Assuming Utah won’t offer him without a TOEFL either… or is it possible they sweep him out from under us?

Does anyone think we’re the favorite pending the test scores.

The TOEFL thing feels kind of like a means to slow play… I think the staff should be and will be very careful before handing out a 2016 offer which would affect 2016/2017.

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Waiting to see what comes up? I kinda agree, but I think they shouldn’t wait.Personally I think baruti is worth the spot. Him and kostas are clearly high upside talents worth the spot. Also it seems to me Baruti could have instant results. I think worse case scenario hes a great d/ energy player who rebounds well for his size. I’m trying to think of a comparison but I can’t. Also I think he’s a guy who’s affect won’t totally show on stat sheet, more in the plus minus. Good things will just happen while he’s out there.


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I like him and think (in time) he could be a solid player for us at a position we need.


Anyone remember if Wagner committed before taking TOEFL?

Grammar, reading, and composition are more than everyday English.

My daughter is in a Spanish bilingual program, and hispanic kids who speak Spanish at home everyday could struggle in Spanish tests too.

Mo got offered and committed before taking the TOEFL from what I remember. It shows that Michigan was way more committed to Mo than they are to Baruti.

Perhaps, but German kids have been taking English classes since grade school. They were probably confident he’d pass just from conversing with him. I don’t know what the situation in the DRC is, but I’d guess not as many foreign language education resources there for school children.

Another miss


Can’t miss a shot you don’t take


Baruti to Utah… Michigan passed on this one and I think that’s the smart move considering the scholarship situation.



Can you clarify the comment about passing based on the scholarship situation? We have 2 open ships for 2016 and a scary thin back court. JB has room for a wing and we desperately need one for 2016.


I think that Michigan probably over extended itself with late offers over the last couple of years and wants to be careful to take a 4 year kid in this class when it would affect the size of the 2017 class.

The only way Baruti helps if he can back up the four more effectively than DJ Wilson. From what we know its hard to say that with confidence.


I liked his athleticism, and thought he had more overall upside than the kid who ended up at Wisconsin – I hope we now emphasize those attributes in 2017.

Anyone know if Kostas is still available?

How do you figure? At the moment We have two open this year and five to give next year. This will be the second year In a row JB has wasted a scholarship spot. Hard to see that as anything but poor roster management.

How can you say that when there are hundreds of transfer candidates still out there? Still too early to panic.