2016 G - Tyrell Gumbs-Frater

Not sure how credible this source is but potentially a guy we are interested in at least. Unless he has been on campus recently.


I’d be surprised if he has an offer yet, but probably an invite for an official visit.

Not to be rude to this kid, but I would prefer Baruti 10 times out of 10 over this kid.

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I like the film, would rather have someone who can play the 4 tho

Kinda random, no? Had anyone heard about him? I don’t love him but I will say he looks like a beilein guy. Decent athlete, fundamentally sound, nice shooter, solid ball control. If he’s really that solid of a shooter I could see coach b liking him.

Maybe the new assistants were on to him before joining Beilein’s staff. It wouldn’t be totally surprising if the departed assistants took their relationships with them and the new ones brought theirs in.

I think the former would be kinda odd. How many of these kids like say Kyle young are now interested in Milwaukee or Detroit. Recruiting to the level of their program most likely.

Ughhh please no…don’t do it JB

He’s not that bad. He appears to be a nice shooter

Lefty. Picturing him taking the Kam wing role I guess.

Smh… You haven’t seen the kid play outside of this film and you’re already being pessimistic… I guess that’s norm these days especially from UM fans.

This kid has some nice offers and interest from some good program. I wish that fans would let the kid step on a court or wear a uniform before they judge him. Its obvious that he kid can play.

Did you miss the thing where I responded to the guy saying please no belein? I said he’s not that bad and appears to be a good shooter?

I’m assuming you responded to the wrong person?

I understand this is only one video and I will admit I have never seen this kid play, but I do have some concerns. Some observations:

  1. his vertical is not that high
  2. his release is extremely low, could be difficult to get his shot off in the Big Ten
  3. he only jumps 3 - 4 inches on his threes, again could be hard to get shots off
  4. I agree with John Miller above, would rather have Baruti any day

I prefer Baruti too. He is a solid athlete though just not elite. If he’s a knock down shooter I could see how he’d be a good get for the roster. I might prefer a grad transfer and save room for a 17.

That’s the point of a highlight video, they only show the good. Look into him, his stats, his recruiting then lets have a conversation.

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I’m not saying he’s great. I do think his film is decent. I’d prefer not unless he’s clearly a knock down shooter. Then I could see his value for sure. I’m with you. Judging off that video I’d like to hold the schollie.i haven’t followed up as much as I do with guys who’s vidoes intrigue me. Like young,Tillman,livers, Roberts and even Baruti. also I’m not really sure he got an offer.

Maybe you could summarize/point us in the direction of some of these stats and recruiting factor?

Yes , wrong person apologies .