Harold Baruti '16 in on his way to an OV at UM

6’5" or 6’6" raw guy with physical upside. Best offer appears to be SMU.

Senior highlights

Per https://twitter.com/mmshoops1921/status/727871729322856449
Highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmwKUTJLFLw

Thanks guys for filling in the all-important substantive info.

Based just on highlights alone, I like his film more than Ibi if we are being honest…
Just looked up his stats: looks like he averaged 11.5 points and 7 rebounds as a senior, shooting 41% from the field and only 25% from three. From his highlights, I would have thought a better percentage from three. Appears that he shot 40% from distance as a junior, however.

Michigan getting a visit from 2016 wing named Baruti. He has not profile on 247, but at least is a 3 star to rivals. Looks to have some athleticsm, but not much in the way of offers. This is pretty much what I expected we would be in on at this point, I’m guessing he probably gets offered and commits.

I posted this over on Mgoblog too, but:
He reminds me of a slightly more skilled…Aubrey Dawkins. Solid shooter, high flier. His lateral movement didn’t wow me, but it didn’t seem atrocious either. So he could be a better defender than Aubrey was. Handle needs tightening for sure. I wouldn’t weep and gnash my teeth if offered, but I feel like I would rather take this kind of player as a grad transfer if one is available. We have a solid shot at some 2017 guys (plus time for more to emerge). Might be better banking it for that class and use the open spot for a grand transfer rather than commit to a four year player this late.

If we go with a freshman, I’d rather go for someone with a higher ceing like Kosta Long Greek Last Name.


Well he has athleticism and definitely has played legit competition. If he has any real motor and some appetite to play D… I am down

Junior highlights too

Well he can dunk.

Poor man’s version of GR3? Slasher/Rebounder/Defender.
His shooting form doesn’t look too bad, just needs more touch and a little work at the release.

I like any upgrade in athleticism we can get.

Apparently he’s only played one year of organized basketball, which could help explain the dearth of offers: https://vantagehoops.sportngin.com/news_article/show/578637?referrer_id=1103687


Written in the fall which means this would be his second.

According to these stats he shot only 25% from 3 as a senior but did shoot 40% as a junior. 2 pt fg% seems less than stellar (48% and 45%). 11pts and 7rbs as a senior, 10 and 5 as a junior.

Looking up some his numbers as well, not great from three. Huge volume in terms of shots and just a 43% shooter at the rim. Hard to make a lot of sense out of the HS stats and looks like they’ve played some good competition. For example, I bet MAAR’s FG% at the rim was low in HS just because he took so many shots.

He definitely gets to the basket though, roughly half of his shot attempts within 5 feet.

Kid physically and athletically looks the part. He’s already more physically mature than the two wings who just transferred out. If we are going to make a late 2016 add, i’d much prefer this mold to another shooter. A guy who can contribute early as an athlete and hopefully develop the offensive game later. Also liked that he seemed to play with some attitude.

He seems to fit a need from an athletic standpoint, but the skills are awfully raw. I don’t see him helping too much in 2016, but he still might be worth an offer. I don’t like the idea of banking both schollies with the way we have been striking out on our top targets over the last few years.

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If you’re saying he’s only played organized ball for two years I’m all for the offer. But still need a grad transfer/instant impact guy for the wing next year. This doesn’t solve that.

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If they are going to use one of the slots for 16 on a 4yr ship, I really hope they don’t swing and miss. He would need to be Maar quality or better to take him over a grad transfer and still look back positively on it. If he gets minutes in 16, I could be convinced, but grad transfers/banking for 17 seem the safer route.

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Question in general and specific to this kid. Why does it seem so difficult for a player to develop a better handle?

With players like Zach and Dawkins these guys have/had loose handles. I would think this is one of the easiest things to develop. Is it a lot harder than I am thinking?

It seems that Baruti is from Lumbumbashi in Congo (the Democratic Republic one), which probably explains the 2 years of organized ball thing—2 years in the USA at any rate because he seems to have played in his hometown also.