College Hoops Open Thread


Dang, the hometown folks in SC will not be happy lol. Clemson was the hot pick for several months.


The frustrating thing is that it’s certainly a better business decision on Zion’s part. Oh, what has Kevin Durant unleashed on this world :sleepy:


It will be interesting to see how it plays out for them. A lot is going to depend on who stays and who goes. Outside of Grayson Allen, most of their current key players are freshmen, and highly regarded ones at that, I think. Even if it is assumed Bagley is gone, I’m not sure about any of the rest of those guys. Yes, they’ll be deep, but there will also be a lot of overlap in position with their best players. A good problem to have I guess.


My goodness, where do I sign up for that?


Watching U of D. Not a well coached team to say the least. I’ll be surprised if Bacardi Alexander turns the program around.
Chatman is 86% on FT’s though.


This is AWESOME.

I really hope MAAR (and/or Duncan) gets chosen to participate


Some names we could potentially see in this:
Nate Mason, Bryant McIntosh, MAAR, JaeSean Tate, Duncan, Purdue’s entire team except for Carsen Edwards if they don’t make the final 4, Tum Tum Nairn, Robert Johnson, Shep Garner. I can’t find one good senior big man in the league…besides Gavin Schilling??

Give me Nate Mason, MAAR, Vince Edwards, and JaeSean Tate and let’s win this thing.

Or if Purdue’s actually out, it would be pretty fun to watch Vince Edwards, PJ Thompson, Dakota Mathias, Isaac Haas against teams from other conferences.


Would help MAAR if Purdue makes it to the Final Four. That would take V. Edwards off the board who would have to be a lock.

Tate gives good versatility for 3 on 3 so I would definitely take him. Mason has good 1 on 1 ability. McIntosh will probably get a spot because Northwestern is a national darling.


Only 1 player per team is allowed.


Make it MAAR, then, and get Duncan in a 3 point contest. Hopefully by then, he’ll be back to making open threes.


Cockeyed optimist here - I hope they’re not eligible to participate!


Nice win for UCLA over AZ in Tucson. That win might never be Group 1 but it looks to be a solid Group 2.

On the other hand, VCU lost by 1 at Richmond. They are in some danger of falling below 135 on the RPI, which would take that win out of Group 2. Hopefully they turn it around.


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Our highest ranking since we lost to NJIT


UM finished last season also at 17 in the coaches poll


FWIW…completely exceeded my expectations. With that said, I feel like there’s so much upside. The games a real grinders and love watching Z and JP evolve. My biggest surprise has to be TESKE…did not expect the dog to come out…next year is going to be a slow start with all the Freshman, nice foundation in place!


Shouldn’t be too slow of a start, lots of returning players too.


Not sure which is more painful…Oklahoma’s playing or Dick Vitale’s announcing…


Oklahoma going to miss the tournament?