College Hoops Open Thread


They are definitely officially firmly on the bubble now


They’ve had the hardest schedule in the country according to KenPom. As long as they win a couple games they’ll be in fine.


6 straight losses, 9 losses in the last 11, likely going to have a record below .500 in the Big 12, likely will have 13 losses… they need to pick up some wins fast because they are on a downward spiral


They just look awful on the floor. They have athletes, but it’s just a bunch of guys doing playground shit. Terrible coaching. People have figured out how to defend Young, and without him blowing up the stat sheet every night, OU is not going to beat quality teams the way they were earlier in the season.


I don’t disagree with either of you. I just think they’re still most likely going to be in the tournament


I don’t know their schedule, but if they don’t turn it around quickly, they might have a problem. They have had a tough schedule, but at the same time, as already mentioned, teams are in Young’s face, he looks frustrated, and I haven’t seen any adjustments in the games I’ve watched.



Steve Alford is so terrible


He’s gotta be one of the worst P6 coaches in everything sans recruiting.


If UCLA and Texas peter out, we will only have two victories over NCAA tournament teams.


That would suck, but as long as they don’t fall too far in the RPI out of a quadrant it shouldn’t have too big of an impact.


Texas loses tomorrow at Kansas and has no shot at winning BIG 12 tournament, they’re a 14 loss team.

UCLA has a literal elimination game coming up with USC.

Odds not good for either.


Too big of an impact on us, I meant.


I am sure you guys will see the highlight tomorrow, but the ending to the UVA-L’Ville game was the craziest basketball ending I have ever seen in my life… and that is not hyperbole or recency bias. Louisville was up 4 with about 4-5 seconds left, UVA ball. UVA dribbles up the court and for no reason at all, a Louisville player contests Ty Jerome shooting a three and hits his arm with 0.9 left as the shot falls way short, stopping the clock. UVA makes the first two FT and attempts to intentionally miss the third FT to get a tip in and send it to OT. But, a UVA player commits a lane violation. Louisville ball, up 2 with 0.9 left. Game over, right? Nope. Deng Adel on LVille runs on the baseline throwing the ball in, committing a travel because the lane violation created a dead ball! UVA ball! Jerome passes it in to a guy probably 28 feet from the hoop… who banks in a 3 — UVA WINS. Down 4 with 0.9 left and win in regulation by 1. Unbelievable.


This is good, Deng Adel always has insane dunks against the teams I like so I certainly enjoy that result.


And I think it was Adel who was late getting out to the shooter who banked in the 3!

And all he needed to do was throw the ball to half court, so nuts. Why on earth he thought it was some challenging inbound situation with 0.9 left! Just throw the ball into play and the game is over. Crazy.


Oklahoma probably saved their NCAA bid with win last night. Young is 3-20 from three in last two games.


Kentucky not playing Defense today!


I was so hopeful that they’d miss the tourney, I think they’re safe now though.


shaka smart just drew up great offense. shockingly effective. sadly still couldn’t pull it out… there is no justice in this world.