College Hoops Open Thread

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Watching something? Let us know.

Personally I’m watching Detroit at Virginia Tech on the iPad (Kam Chatman already with 15 points on 6-of-7 shooting including 3 threes) and WVU/TTech on the TV.

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That Chatman stat line is breaking my heart

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Good for him, he had a lot of time to work on his game over the last year and he definitely has the talent. I think he’ll have a huge year this year at UDM.


A&M has turned this around without two of their better players. Impressive. WVU just runs such a hectic style of basketball - I have no clue how you coach like that lol

Honestly I don’t think anyone should be surprised by this. He’s going to dominate that little league. He came in a little overrated but his skillset just didn’t fit our offense/ make up of that roster… This was much more the reason for his lack of success than his overall talent as a player. Sure he had a lot to improve on which This red shirt gave him m,but overall a different role and offense will be his saving grace.

He’s pretty much a 6-7 pg/ off the dribble scorer and playmaker. For him to succeed he needed the ball in his hands and to break down defenders off the bounce, distribute, along with high post action and to work his mid-range game, post up smaller defenders and break down the bigger guys. Pounding the rock and isos aren’t our thing unless it’s late in the clock and kam wasn’t ready for that as a frosh or sophomore.

I could see why beilein and kam thought theoretically they were a good match ( big skilled wing with the right attitude) but at a closer look it was a mismatch. Poor 3 ball, couldn’t play off the ball, poor rebounder/defender for a four ect.

I expect him to be a huge name the next two years amongst mid majors and would not be surprised if he wins conference player of the year as a junior or senior. I’ll be rooting for him.

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I’m definitely rooting for him. I was a big believer in Kam and still am, I moreso mean I wish he could have seen this type of success in a Michigan uniform and I believe he would have had he stayed. Obviously don’t blame him for leaving but if he could knock down the 3 ball (4-4 tonight) he would have been just fine and would be our starting 4 right now


Yeah, I’m rooting for Kam to have a great year. The only sad thing is that like buckets wrote, if Kam could shoot 3s – and one game is one game – he’d be the starting 4 at UM and a pretty perfect fit on this team to allow Duncan to come off the bench.

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haha oh man, IU…always getting trolled by in-state mini’s

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Kentucky down 9 at half to the Wolverines…of Utah Valley

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Another fun one…

I just don’t think his skillset was made for our roster and offense. The transfer was the right move for both. I’m also convinced Aubrey was going to be one if the best offense weapons in the country this year before his injury.

Of all the transfers his burns the most to me. Like maar he showed a lot of flashes that throw away freshman year. Honestly he looked like yhexsuperior talent between the two. If you add Aubrey to our rotation this year shooting is not a question mark.

Between Duncan, maar, Aubrey and moe we’d be reigning threes. Duncan and Aubrey in a lineup would be suspect d wise but imagining having to worry about finding those two at all times. They could stretch the d so far out.

Then consider how much space z, maar/ mathews and moe would have to work. You couldnt help at all.

Robinson and Dawkins could not have played together defensively. They’d give up 1.7 ppp.

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If you are jonesing for some hoops on a Sunday night. LaVall Jordan and Butler are in a close one with Princeton on CBS Sports Network.

Who do you like to win in the Champions Classic tonight?

  • Duke/Kentucky
  • Duke/Kansas
  • Michigan State/Kentucky
  • Michigan State/Kansas

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Just going off memory, so I could be entirely wrong, but I feel like MSU typically loses these early season big time matchups. Play this game in March and I think the outcome could be different. Expecting lots of turnovers and a fast paced game. Duke to win. Not really sure on Kansas/Kentucky. Picked Kansas because I know a little more about their team.

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I like Kansas’s experience over Kentucky’s youth, but I think Duke might have enough talent to knock off MSU.

I think MSU will be on an absolute mission tonight.

A prayer mission?

Things often end badly for people on a mission. Can’t watch the game but I am looking forward to hearing all of Izzo’s excuses after the game.