College Hoops Open Thread


I guess I’d just like to see those metrics start to play a bigger part in the selection process. Whether we do truly see that this year, we’ll see.

I’ll keep using MSU as another example. They scheduled what would be a good non-conference. The normal metrics are going to punish them because UCONN is worse than usual and Notre Dame’s star player is out for a while, pushing them to bubble team (although they started to struggle when he was healthy). However, we all know MSU is a top 5 team in terms of talent and their other metrics show that. Goes hand in hand.

I’m sure you and I can debate each point well haha, it’s all open to opinion. Which is why the committee’s job is hard.


The question is: should beating a team by 1 point or 25 points have the same impact on a) tournament selection b) tournament seeding.


Yes, if they’re doing it consistently one way or the other, which Kenpom keeps track of.


Well what’s the answer? Right now they are putting both styles of metrics on the resume so it is tough to say what they feel should be decision maker.


I think I’d go with something like (a) 80/20 balancing of w/l vs efficiency and (b) 65/35 balance.

On the one hand, wins and losses are what count. The goal is to win, not to win by a lot, and you don’t give out championships based on efficiency margins. On the other hand, if you’re selecting the “best” at-large teams or seeding by which teams are the “best,” then maybe the advanced metrics should play a role. It feels more right to rely on advanced metrics for seeding than selection, because once a team gets in they can keep winning by 1 as long as they want to.


Answer to me is yes margin of victory should come into play, especially because you end up with a good sample size of games by end of year.

That’s where I’ll be really curious this year, is whether we see those new metrics on the resume come into play or if they revert back to RPI heavy seeding/selections.


This would be a crazy change


Bleh, that would be catastrophic for non power conference teams


This little dynamo had a great game against us last year.


Can anybody tell me why ESPN has Joe Lunardi’s face busting thru my tv?!?!


I could actually see a smaller effect than some think. We will see players from power conferences that are unhappy with playing time and role early on and transfer to smaller schools to guarantee themselves a bigger role. Just like we see from 5th year players.


SMU knocks off Wichita State on the road. Shake Milton was tremendous. I think he finished with 31. He has some Caris LeVert in his game.


Texas is going to beat Texas Tech. That looks like it’s going to hold up as a big road win for UM.


Yep, very nice for Texas… and us. :metal:


Mo Bamba seems to have come into his own. Good for him, and maybe good we got them early.

On the other hand, VCU loses by 15 at home to a 5-13 Richmond team. They may not lead up the rankings…


That’s downright upsetting.


Has any team ever gotten the top 3 recruits in one recruiting class? Duke is gonna be unfair next year


It’s just ridiculous. This is just ridiculous. Their recruiting is even more nonsensical than Alabama football.

And they have the #8’ish guy, too - just insanity.


I guess Gary Trent and Trevon Duval have to go pro now? Or Trent comes back and they’re the deepest team in the nation and most talented. I can’t believe K somehow pulled this off.


But it’s totally believable, right? I don’t know enough about how those guy’s seasons are going - for whatever reason, I haven’t really seen Duke play since the early part of the season.

Back to next year, the sad thing is that there are no longer any MAN teams out there to stop them like back in the day of the Fab 5.