2017-18 Bracketology

Lunardi has Michigan as a 6 seed as of today.


In a wide open year where no team really scares me, Collin Sexton followed by Joel Berry is about the worst draw a top 6 seed could get

I don’t hate the Alabama matchup. Definitely would take any of the 3 seeds before UNC though. But I think we’d give them a a much better game the 2nd time with new and improved Livers.

I think our ceiling right now is a 3 seed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more wide open national title race. There’s like 30 teams that could win this thing. We could easily see another 8 seed run through the tourney like UConn did.

It’s going to be tough to catch them but not overly tough after the win at Breslin. Grabbing a higher seed than MSU would be huge to stay home and play in Detroit.

Looks like Purdue will go there and one of MSU or Michigan. (Although I suppose Purdue can always go to Nashville too)

On that point here’s a simple graph I just made up:

It’s just the ADJEM of every team graphed from this year and last year. As you can see, the top 25-30ish teams last year were much better than the top group this year. A little more parity. It actually looks like 2017 may have been anomalous?


I think we would drill Alabama.

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If Michigan and UNC were to play again right now on a neutral site I would place money on Michigan.

Jerry Palm has Michigan as the highest #6 seed and Ohio State as a #5 seed.


Just noticed in Lunardi’s bracket he has Maryland as an 11 seed. I have a very difficult time seeing that happen.

Palm has Maryland and Minnesota as 11s.

Maryland definitely has the talent to be in the tournament. Minnesota has no chance imo.


We’re certainly making them look good…

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That loss is a killer for Maryland. Would have been huge for their chances.

Current team sheet


I hope someone does some really in-depth analysis on the correlation between metrics on these team sheets and seeding in the tournament after the bracket is revealed. It’d be very interesting to see exactly what they value the most. I’m gonna guess it’ll be either that combined average or the Q1/Q2 records

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Need some wins by Texas and Illinois to stay in their current quadrants — and a nice stretch by VCU to move into a better win category.

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Think you meant Iowa instead of Illinois? Good call too because VCU and Iowa are right on those cutlines.

Illinois could move down if they drop below 160. Probably more important for us though if VCU and Iowa could move up than for Illinois to stay where it is.

Ah didn’t notice that at first glance. Yosts Ghosts is right and just aff Iowa to that list.

Also, agreed, more wins in Quadrant 2 would look nicer.