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No. Or he could have done worse. We don’t know.


You’re right. We don’t know. Which is why I don’t really give much credence to saying that character issues are why JB didn’t pursue him or why we are lucky he didn’t come to AA


Apparently there is expected to be a lot of movement with head coaches this offseason. Lists each conference, some interesting comments.

If it does happen means there will be some recruits available. Also one potential note is UNC Wilmington coach Kevin Keatts is a hot prospect, if he moves on Donlon probably becomes a candidate there.


He’s definitely gonna get a chance sooner rather than later. Still can’t believe he was fired coming off a 13-5 conference record in the Horizon.


Yeah but you could say that about anything. There are also probabilities. Sounds like you have a stick in the fire here so I’ll just leave it at that.


Nah, just don’t like when we speculate on young people’s character when we have no real info on what actually happened


By your logic, how do you know we misevaluated him? Just because he’s scoring 10ppg at Utah doesn’t mean he’d do that at UM or anywhere else in the Mid-West. I just don’t like when we speculate on coach’s evaluation abilities when we have no real info on what would have occurred.


We can watch his games and look at his stats. You’re right, doesn’t mean they’re replicable here. But we have vastly more information on his basketball game than his personal character.


Should have gone after quinton rose for temple. Same school as Thomas Bryant. Kid is a great talent. We could have landed him easy. Ranked same as Ibi and same position but q is such a smooth player and scorer. Really adapted well to the college gave even though he’s so skinny. If he was coming off our bench he’d be a future star. He is just so versatile. Bad few years for belein to ignore city rocks/ Rochester. He could have landed so many unheralded prospects who are stars.


I’m watching smu and I’m kinda surprised they are doing so well. They have no ball handlers or super skilled guys it seems. Very long tough and athletic though. I can believe how badly we punked them, their the exact type of team who’s a nightmare for us


Unfortunately I haven’t gotten to watch as much hoops as I’m used to outside of Michigan this year. Trying to catch up before bracket time. There are some teams I know little about besides the scores going by on the screen or have only seen five or six minutes of live. . Miami, Baylor, fla st, cincy,usc. What do you guys think of these teams? Baylor in particular has a ton of big victories. When I see them in snippets though I can’t figure out how. Cincy looked pretty overrated on Saturday. I watched ten minutes and wasn’t impressed.

Also how does the big 12 get so much love ever year? Seems like theyre always overrated. Besides Kansas and Baylor I don’t see a ton of great non conference wins. Not sure why they are so respected. I bet against them ever year besides the occasional Iowa st, or Kansas, and sometimes Oklahoma run and it usually works. I’m confident the big ten as a whole will outperform the big 12 again


Florida state has a ton of talent. Isaac, bacon and rathan-mayes


I’m watching fla st and duke and neither team is impressive. If fla sts bigs were even slightly competent they’d have at least 8 more baskets. Dukes inability to guard the rim will be a serious problem imo.

I’m really surprised that fla sts record is this good. They have so much size and length but no touch or foot work . Also besides the one guard fla st has no ball handlers or shooters. They appear ripe for an upset per usual. Hamiltons squads always seem to underachieve.

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I taped Baylor Texas as I hadn’t seen a lot of Baylor this year, was trying to figure out how they were so good. Which they appear to be. What jumps out at me even more is just how good Jarrett Allen has become. He’s been very good this first half. I don’t remember him being this good against Michigan. He’s been outstanding today. One of the best freshman I’ve seen all year.

Very soft touch, great shot blocker, very athletic, strong, nice mid range shot. His passing ability and vision has been really surprising too. Kid is gonna be very good,


So I’ve been a proponent that gonzaga is the real deal all year. I really like their talent but once again I think fews gonna cost them, I think karnowski and he is a really dangerous offensive weapon but they almost use him too much on the block.

They have a ton of talent inside and out and they just hit him or make him the focus of the o every time down. I’d like to see their wings used more. I think this is gonna be their down fall. I like that they use the post a lot but like many of fews teams they feed it almost too much and it limits their fire power and overall offensive potential. They need more variety and looks. Melson, Perkins and Mathews could be used way more and are very good. Sad but I can see them blowing it again unnecessarily.




Seems kind of rare for a current college player to make such a comment about another team. Just interesting.