College Basketball Open Discussion


Right. In their last 8 games, they’ve lost to non-tournament Ga Tech and Pitt teams, but also beaten FSU and Duke.


I think if they get in, particularly in the right bracket that they got a run in them.


Sound crazy, but at what point does Boeheim’s seat get warm? I know a good tournament run last year but they’ve been kind of underwhelming for some time even with quality classes coming in and for the first time ever they have a class without an ESPN to 100 kid.


I don’t think a hall of fame coach’s seat gets very warm at all. It would take an insane stretch of badness for him to be feeling any heat.


He made the Final Four last year…


I know but when you look at the kids he gets, the suspension, this next recruiting class, the very poor start to the year, etc you have to assume he’s not having fun. After a quick look around, if we are to believe bleacher report he’s mulling retirement this year.


Devon Daniels suspended indefinitely for “conduct detrimental to the team” at Utah.


Mulling retirement is a completely different thing than thinking his seat is warm. He’s made two Final Fours in the past 5 years. Missed the tourney once because they were ineligible. Maaaaaybe they miss this year too. But you don’t even come close to thinking about the position of one of the winningest coaches in CBB history a year off of a Final Four run.

If he’s considering retirement, it’s not because his position is potentially up in the air


:thinking: :thinking::thinking:


He will retire on his own and look at his past few years

Elite Eight
Final Four
2nd round
no tourney
Final Four

That’s not bad


Guess we dodged a bullet there.


Nah man, JB “Mis-evaluated him” :wink:


Just cuz he did something at Utah doesn’t mean he’d have done the same here. We haven’t had much off the court stuff under JB and with a decent amount of upperclassmen, I’m not too worried about it.

But he was misevaluates by most in the MW so it’s just one of those things that I don’t think you can fault coaches too much for IMO


You guys are all correct I’m sure. I guess I was thinking more along the lines of his regular season performance the last few years when you take out last year where they had a pretty nice path (Dayton wasn’t great, Middle Tenn state spartan killers, a down year Gonzaga and then squeaking by VA to get run out of the gym by NC).

2013-2014 28w - 6l bounced in round of 32
2014-2015 18w-13l not eligible probably wouldn’t have qualified
2015 - 2016 23x - 14l gets to the f4 as a 10 seed
this year sitting 17-12

all with darn good recruiting classes. Just feel like he’s leaving the faithful wanting more and is maybe feeling the pressure.


Part of the reason we haven’t had much off the court stuff – and we’ve had some, like with Mitch – is that JB’s evaluations include off the court considerations. I have no idea what Daniels did or if he would’ve done something similar here, but it suggests JB’s evaluation might have included these matters.


Unless you actually know the kid or know concrete reasons for why this was true of him in HS, it’s just sanctimonious BS to me.

We know that JB evaluates the “whole player”. But that doesn’t mean that’s why we didn’t pursue Daniels in HS


Ha yeah that’s where my snarky remark above was going toward (that JB evaluates off-the-court risk, something not mentioned by some of the people that knock him for his recruiting)…but I do kind of regret it because @bacon141 is right that there is no guarantee it would have happened here and no matter what happened I do feel bad for any kid that makes a mistake.


It really doesn’t matter if it would or wouldn’t have happened here. People should be judged by their actions, and right now we know he did something bad enough to be indefinitely suspended without cause given.


Yea boheims seat is not hot imo. Multiple final 4 runs lately. Another run in him this year imo. Stacked roster still imo. I love battle and Moyer. Moyer doesn’t even get burn right? Or small amounts . He’s fine


I thought he was retiring next year. It was announced a while ago, maybe I missed a change of mind.