College Basketball Open Discussion

Didn’t know where to put this so I’m starting an NCAA thread. With some of the Chris Mack could replace JB talk lately I found this interesting

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Not much back story here.

@mattd devon daniels over ibi all day

Hate to say it…but I told you so

Saw this post and looked up Daniels really wish I hadn’t. Haven’t seen many games this year but feel if we had a solid frosh wing who could takeover for Zak we would be in way better shape.

I remember when @MattD brought Daniels’ name up in the board a few years ago. Always hoped we would pursue him more seriously, kid was a beast in the few high school games I saw of him. Glad to see he’s off to a good start in Utah

Yeah I never understood the staff’s pursuit of Watson, at all. He didn’t check any of the boxes we needed, and it was pretty obvious at the time.

I could understand the pursuit of X because his HS production could lead one to reasonably believe he would produce as a freshman. There was nothing to indicate that Watson would do that in my opinion.

That Marquette team we beat by 20 just knocked off #1 Villanova

Villanova led 66-52 with 7:35 to play; lost 74-72.

22-6 run by Marquette.

1,2, and 4 all go down on the same night. Gonzaga the new #1?

Trevon Blueitt is 10 for 10 from the floor, 8 for 8 from three and has 32 on the road @Cincy right now…he had 26 at half. He would have looked GREAT in maize and blue

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Having himself a game. He was shooting 26% from three in Big East games before this.

What a crazy game. Blueitt drops 40 and Cincy misses 19 free throws and still win by 8.

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Just got done watching Bruce Brown absolutely destroy North Carolina…what could’ve been, sigh.

Bruce brown liked us?

I remember talking to him at Lexington EYBL. He said normal nice things about Michigan, but two other people I talked to at that event that talked to him said he didn’t even mention Michigan. I know Indiana pushed for him and he ended up at Miami, so not sure what was going on in that recruitment. Just never took off between him and Michigan though.

We showed preliminary interest, but never pursued seriously because of the perception that Brown couldn’t shoot.

Halfway through his freshman season Brown is averaging 12ppg, 7rebs, 3asst, 18.4 Dreb rate, 20% asst rate, 3.2% steal rate…and get ready for it, 41.8% from three

Out of curiously, why’d you stop covering AAU events? Krossover just more convenient?

Would love to have more footage of Michigan targets…guess I’m asking for a hand lol

Just hard to justify the travel/expense to track the circuit in person given everything else that goes into the site during the season.

Yeah from personal experience it can certainly be costly. Fun, but people have no idea how much work it really is.

From an economic standpoint Vegas in July is the best bet, as nearly every AAU club across the country competes in the same city regardless of shoe circuit affiliation. And the Adidas vs Nike vs UA games are a treat