College Basketball Open Discussion


I think he met people from Michigan the state not the team.


UCLA’s Ike Anigbogu just joined Ball and Leaf entering the draft. We’ve got a loooooooooooooooooong time until next season, but with the talent UCLA is bringing in and what left, that game in AA may be one of those “looks good at the end of the year” type Ws.


At least UNC isn’t trying to hide that they dont have to play school :joy:


Haha that is awesome.


Haha has to be a typo though right? Not eligible with that


pretty sure the entire ordeal of the investigation has shown that kind of transgression is basically expected to go ‘unnoticed’


God, although that’s a typo I wouldn’t be surprised given how awful his decision making and just general skill level is for a senior.


Does NCAA have a minimum requirement on student athletes’ GPAs?


Okay so it seems kinda weird. The closest thing I found is that each year the GPA requirement is different, but prior to a player’s sophomore year the GPA must be 90% of the requirement for graduation in that major, 95% for juniors, and 100% for seniors and redshirt seniors. So I don’t know about general studies, but every major at UNC that I’ve seen has a C average requirement to graduate, so 2.0. If he was a sophomore next year it could be 1.8 and a junior could be 1.9, but since he’s a senior it had to be at least 2.0. So all in all I’m 99.99% sure it’s a typo, especially since he doesn’t seem brain dead in interviews.



I just figured he carried something like a 2.2 in the Fall semester and a 0.0 in the winter semester.


It’s cumalitive GPA though, so one all F semester wouldn’t drop it all the way from above 2.0 to 1.11. Even if he did have the lowest possible qualifying GPA of 2.0 and then got all F’s in his last semester, it would only go down to around 1.714. But again, he’s really not the type of person to just throw away his degree after 3 years, especially when he has no pro future.


Maybe they removed the “no show classes” for his revised GPA :smirk:
(Just trying to be a smartass)


Steve Fisher retiring…mixed emotions of course, but I’m not sure I’d be as obsessed with this basketball program if it wasn’t for his tenure.


Wasn’t sure where to put this, but just saw that Little Caesars Arena will host an opening weekend in NCAA Tourney in 2021 (and a Frozen Four in 2020). Probably not enough seats for a Final 4, but I loved when tourney games were at the Palace.

Wasn’t a huge fan, from a spectator standpoint, of the games at Ford Field…though I can always say I saw Steph Curry become Steph Curry.


I was at Ford Field for that first round/regional? Steph Curry lit up Kansas if I remember. Can not remember who won the game though.


Kansas. I was there too.


I was at the Final 4 and championship game at Ford Field in 2009. Hard to believe that was already 8 years ago haha.


I forget who Davidson played the first weekend, but in the Sweet 16 matchup at Ford Field he lit up Wisconsin…and then had them on the brink of beating Kansas in the Elite 8. For some reason, maybe to Kansas’ credit, Curry didn’t take the last shot and they lost by 2 or 3. Kansas went on to win it all that year over Memphis if memory serves.


No Zavier on this initial list


I love it! Add another chip to the shoulder. For reasons described here at nauseum, his value doesn’t always translate to stat sheets and he will surely use this like he has previously as motivation to shut down other teams