2017 - C - Mo Bamba (Offer)

Mo Bamba! Huge news


Is that accurate? He’s using an official on us? I find this to be so random, I need more details.

Is this even serious? I havent heard his name at all…wondering if he just likes Jim Harbaugh/Michigan football?

He’s got the Duke’s and Kentucky’s after him but he also took a visit to Harvard recently. He’s been quoted talking academics quite a bit from what I’ve seen as well.

Poole, Livers, Brooks all on campus with him this weekend not to mention Michael Jordan. Didn’t see this coming at all but gotta love it

You can’t have contact with VIP guests unless you have a signed LOI, otherwise it is a violation.

Michigan hoops to host its 3-man 2017 recruiting class this weekend, plus a 5-star surprise

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Sounds like a kid we might actually have a chance with. Hopefully the 2017 class can do a good job this weekend.

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This is great. I mean the biggest OV we have had in a long while (bigger than Jaylen Brown). Would be interested to know who his lead recruiter was. This guy needs to be shown some serious love. Worried the football fan base/students won’t have this top of mind since he is already there I would guess and wasn’t on anyone’s radar.

Hope Eli, Jordan, and Isaiah have their sales hats on.

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This would be amazing.

Has he given any quotes about Michigan? I didn’t even know we were recruiting him.

No one except the staff did it seems. Pretty excited about this guy. The star type of player this team needs.

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Here’s about the only quote I can find from Bamba on Michigan:

One of my favorite parts about this process is getting to know the coaches. I love talking to Coach Shaka at Texas. I think it’s because he’s a little younger and he always finds a way to connect with me. I love talking to Coach Cal too; he always finds a way to teach me something in our conversations. I know he’s dedicated to me getting better.

A coach I’ve started talking to more is Coach Amaker. He’s really good at displaying what Harvard can do for me, not just as a basketball player, but also as a businessman.

I’ve got a great relationship with Coach Ollie at Connecticut too. Same for Coach Turgeon at Maryland; he really looked out for me when we were in Chile. And Coach Beilein is just really wise. He’s a guy you can just learn a lot from.

People always ask me what the perfect fit for me would be and I’ve learned that “I don’t know” for an answer is a good answer. The truth is things change every day and you learn things every day about the schools.


Is anyone else excited about moving Wagner to the 4 and having the Mo to Mo connection?!


Interviewer: “What is the most important thing for you when making your college decision?”
MB: “Networking and alumni base are huge for me. Having the connections and jobs in the future is big”


Another interview here where he goes into his interest in Harvard, mentions wanting a strong alumni base again:

That film was awesome. A team of x maar Mathews wagner and bamba could win the title. No doubt in my mind.


AAU stats here: http://www.d1circuit.com/roster_players/11694056


28.4 mpg, 13 ppg, 12.5 rpg, .6 apg, 1.6 topg, .7 spg, 2.8 bpg, 1.6 fouls

So based purely on the highlight tape/stats, he looks like a super athletic rim protector/garbage man (I’ve already seen some people call him KG, which he is definitely not, because he had a 3PA and a nice pass in the tape).

Would be a good fit and fix many of this team’s woes.

The 7-foot-8 wingspan is what makes him special going forward. Would be an elite rim protector, finisher, etc.

Best recruit we’ve ever had? I’m pretty excited he’s coming at a time our 3 commits will be here too. Would be so big getting this guy

What are our chances here? Or this is so far out of left field no one is really sure?

The fact that he is bringing his whole family seems to indicate legit interest, as well as his stated focus on academics. However, I wouldn’t hold your breath until we see some post-visit insider reports. We’ll have a better idea then.