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Creighton has a lot of other talented pieces but he’s a key loss for them because he’s the only real big that they have.

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Yeah that front court is depleted

Surprised Washington was a 14 and the favorite on theirs to win the pac12. Judging by other points I thought they’d be 12 or 13.

It’s clear getting the winner is essential.

I just spent entirely too much time on that year long office pool. Almost got what I’m looking for though. Pain in the ass though going through all these mid major squads though.

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ESPN (Lunardi) and CBS (Palm) both have Michigan as a 9-seed in their respective bracketology predictions.

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Season long pool is due tonight by midnight right Dylan?

I think tomorrow night (not tonight). I threw an entry in there, see you at the top of the leaderboards @Slyboogie

Yea I just went back and looked. I read it wrong. It’s not easy. I’d love to see the values attached to the teams from last year. Would help me gauge some things.

What is this pool you speak of

Elite Eight/Final Four picks?

Michigan State*

Florida over Virginia in the title

I also like UNC, but I’m a little surprised that’s your title pick. I’m curious to know more of your thoughts on them this year - beyond Cole Anthony I’m not sure I love the supporting pieces enough to make them a national favorite.

There’s no team I really love. I think Cole Anthony has the potential to be special. There’s probably a case that teams with 5-star PGs have never really won big but I’ll go wtih them anyway. I also think Christian Keeling was a really good addition late.

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I think i saw somewhere that the last 4 final 4s have had a team from outside the preseason top 25

Yep. I couldn’t come up with a team to pick though. I like Houston or Florida State as potential Elite Eight teams. Not sure if they are in the top 25.

I wonder if Zavier Simpson has a UMHoops subscription


What am I missing on Virginia? They lost Hunter, Jerome and Guy. I guess Diakite is back, and they have two freshmen recruits who were ranked in the top 50-60. And Sam Hauser? That feels like a top 15-20 team to me, maybe, but nothing beyond that. I’d agree Bennett is an awesome coach.