Big Ten Roster Movement (Summer 2016)

I honestly don’t see how restricting the transfers from going to a school they play the next year is that wrong. It makes sense, the kids know your stuff and you don’t want to deal with that for the next year. I think if a coaching change is made, then it’s a different story.

I think a lot of that is overblown. A player moving to a different school, different surroundings, new teammates, new coaching staff etc… That player has to get up to date on what the team is doing offensively, and defensively. I think the last of his concerns is telling his team what that team ran prior especially when it’s 1 out of 30 games. If he knows everything and that coach never adjusts or anything then that’s on the coach.


I agree with the restriction in some situations because team stability is important so deterrents in place against a lot of moving around is a good thing unless there is some sort of good reason. With Max and Spike’s situation I disagree with the restrictions 100 percent. The opposing coaches already know our stuff. The ability of the teammates to absorb the knowledge is another issue. Even if JB tried to prepare opposing teams for what he plans to do them it is not going change results much, imo.

Remember Bo Ryan’s much longer, much worse Jarrod Uthoff transfer saga? Nobody else does either. (Although I do think JB and every other coach should’ve taken note, especially when JB knew he couldn’t really stop Spike if he wanted to go somewhere). Anyway, didn’t stop anyone from hanging all over Ryan when he went to the Final Four. Nobody will remember in a week and they’ll be all over Beilein again when he wins a few games.

Winning big cures all.

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I had no idea uthoff played for Wisconsin. Imagine if he had been there the last three yeRs. They would have won the title both years imo

Look I like Spike but think about it, has our program hit a all time low that some folks are crying about a BACKUP pg with bad hips transferring who wasn’t expected to be here next year in the 1st place ? We are worst shape than I originally thought.

That’s not a reflection of the shape the team/program is in but a reflection on fans not wanting to let go. Spike had his one shining moment. It’s over move on.


Conveniently forgetting about the Ellerbe and Amaker years?

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I would gladly take Daniel Horton over what Michigan has gotten from Walton thus far. :slight_smile:


I think we all would, but I don’t see the relevancy here.

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I will gladly take Beilein’s results over what we got from Amaker. To each their own, I guess.


Doyle’s HS coach on his departure

“I don’t know that Ricky ever felt it was a good system for him,” Herting said. "You see he’s a natural back-to-the-basket (center). He needs to get the ball on the block, he needs to get to the stripe, and the coach Beilein system is more spread out. More pick-and-pop, which is not really his game. More pick-and-roll but roll with almost like a back cut for the dive, not really a roll and post-up.

“Everybody thought that Ricky might be better suited to a system that’s more suited to him.”

Hopefully Ricky lands on his feet, but I’m not sure all of the problems were related to system.


We were saying the same things about Max.

People dog Bacari it’s not him it JB system & his recruits.


This makes the Davis offer even more of a head scratcher.

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What’s JB? The B1G titles and the tourney success? Most responsible, yes, but I think Bacari deserves some credit and hopefully he’ll get rewarded for it.

And we were right. Max was the same player he was last year, just shot a few more and better on threes, probably as a result of being healthier and on a better team.

That is my point. Max was put in a better situation to succeed. The skillset was always there to be solid.

Will be interesting to see if Doyle looks better in a different system.