Ray McCallum out at U-D; Bacari Alexander a candidate?

Not roster movement, but Ray McCallum has been let go by Detroit Mercy. Would think that Bacari is on the shortlist of candidates for the job being an alum and on their NCAA team in the early 2000s IIRC. Former Michigan assistant Jay Smith was also let go along with McCallum.

UofD just fired their coach. Sam Webb hinting it’ll be Bacari as the new coach.

Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

This has been in the works for months. Bacari let JB know he’s gone the moment that job opens up.

So who would be on the shortlist of replacements for BA, he was our instate connection and coached big men. It will never happen but would love Juwan Howard, on the Heat staff right now.

Hope they look at Marlon Williamson from Pitt. Also think Saddi Washington from Oakland will get a look, think he was a finalist when Bacari got hired.

Does anyone remember who else was considered?

Surprised Lavall hasn’t been hired by someone yet.


Good idea on Juwan!

Wonder what Bacari’s big-man recruiting will look like at UDM.

BA is a friend of mine. As MP stated, this surely isn’t a surprise to Beilein.

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A complete 180

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As I told everyone a few weeks back, change is coming

MattD, don’t want to put you on the spot but any thoughts if there is more changes on the staff? Thanks

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Have to take the 5th. Told you guys a few weeks back that you would find out soon enough, just can’t be through me.


I would imagine you’ve named two of the top candidates in Williamson and Washington.

I would love Juwan Howard but I just get the feeling that some of the Fab 5 are sour on college basketball (and who could blame them) and enjoy the NBA much more. I know Jimmy King did radio for a few years, but outside of Jalen and him, none have really maintained a strong public connection to Michigan since they’ve left.

I was just discussing Marlon with someone. I would love it, but I can’t come to grips with Beilein making a play for him for whatever reason. If they are ever serious about recruiting Metro Detroit, he should be on the short list though.

That’s what I figured, hope some new voices will be good for JB’s approach. Do you wish to share who you think could be up for the position?

Yeah I don’t think there is any chance in hell that Juwan would make th move but man that would be a big splash.

Does anyone have other potential candidates?

The name has already been floated around these parts, have to draw your own conclusions/inferences

Thanks assume it is Saddi then although wish Williamson would get a look as a recruiter and got to think learned som defence from Dixon at Pitt.

One name I would love to get, but it’s definitely a pipe dream, is Tommy Lloyd at Gonzaga. He’s been there for all of Few’s tenure IIRC, but he’s coached some good forwards - and diverse ones - in Ronny Turiaf, Austin Daye, Elias Harris, Robert Sacre, Kelly Olnyck and most recently Wiltjier and Sabonis.

What schools (outside of the blue bloods) consistently get a lot out of their big men? That’s where I’d look for assistants. Obviously, ties to the MW would probably play a large role as well.

I think people are mistaken if they think an assistant coach is going to come in and improve big man play. It’s the philosophy of the head man not the individual coaching of the position causing our woes.

Bacari is by all accounts, a solid big man coach. He did the most he could do within the parameters he was given.


Yep. It wasn’t a very harmonious year. A new mix is/was needed.

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I agree to an extent. Our big men have certainly been limited in terms of athleticism. But he can still improve indidivual skill and mentality amongst those in his charge and that is not something I saw happen consistently. Every kid is wired differently and it’s the coach’s job to reach every individual player in a way that suits the player. So while I don’t think Bacari was handed a preferable situation when it comes to big men - particularly having to work with underclass men for almost the entirety of his tenure - that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t have done a better job with what was given. JMo’s development somewhat stalled out between his RS Fr year until his senior year. Doyle obviously regressed this year.

Sometimes a new voice makes a world of difference. Or one coach may be better suited to work with specific skill sets or within a specific philosophy. So while I don’t hold Bacari completely responsible for our big men play, that doesn’t mean we won’t see different results with a different coach either.