Big Ten Roster Movement (Summer 2016)

Have another thread for NBA entries… but let’s keep track of transfers

OSU has already lost Giddens and Grandstaff from that '15 class.

Is that the spot that they need for JJ?

Huh, weird – Did Thompson outperform him this year? Next year they have Funderburk (a very good four) and no-name three-star center coming in. The year after that they have Wesson, who should be very good. Giddens seemed like a textbook Matta guy. Anyway…

Edit: Looks like Thompson did outperform him. TT’s declaring for the draft but will probably be back.

Javon Bess too… (source: Rothstein / CBS Sports)

So I guess Langford Bridges and maybe Jackson scared off some upperclassmen wings huh

I’ll never blame someone for wanting to get out of East Lansing for any reason.


Not sure where to post this so posted here. Didn’t think it was necessary to add a new thread but Jerry Meyer and some Duke people seem to think Derrick Thorton is transferring. Would love to have him and X as our two guards.

Certainly rather go after him than the Sacred Heart transfer…

Wonder if Nairn will be next to be Creaned.

Second the interest in Thornton if he’s on the market.

AJ Harris of Ohio St will most likely transfer

Per Dispatch here

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So for OSU, over the '14 through '16 classes, they’ll have two guards total, KBD and Lyles?

So, is Spike really transferring for a grad year? This bums me out if true.

After hearing the stories about him not being able to walk after games last season, it seems like this isn’t a good idea and he should just hang it up. Best of luck to him though.

Meanwhile, we are telling Befieldt and Spike to take a hike so we can clog our roster with a bunch of 4’s and 5’s who can’t play. Great roster management JB!


You have terrible takes. A hobbled Spike is a difference maker? Mmmmk


I saw this news and was ready to vomit. I would love to hear the questions asked you made this decision with max bielfeldt and he had a hell of a year why make the same mistake. Spike wore this team on his heart and if asked to go through a brick wall he would do that and then some. Can’t believe JB is doing this again. Can everyone please join me on Twitter and get as many people as you can to tweet #keepspike2 and tag spike and JB thank you