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Ok. So maybe we’ll go with good enough that they think they’ll win against us so it’s a soul crushing defeat that we get credit for in the eyes of the tournament but they’re upset in the first round consistently by a 12 seed. Deal?


Has a lot of conditionals, but still. . . I like the way your mind works kje22kje!


JB really on the upswing now! Chances are good Charles comes back with a vengence and maintains the momentum for next season. He has such raw talent and should be in the running for B1G accolades. You know they circle the SPARTY games every year…but they (MSU)are certainly on their heals. Expect a slow start for UM in NOV/DEC but these teams are built for runs in March. Everything JB does is by design…never ever think that it’s not. He is completely laser focused on that ring! His culture is in a petri dish now! Minor tweaks with huge impacts…the deeper the bench the more dangerous he is. He squeezes every ounce out of every team for wins! I know I’m biased but for the most part he baits IZZO into making changes he never sees! That might be a stretch…LOL!I

GO blue!


I just stumbled upon’s 2019 Mock Draft…why on earth is Bruno Fernando the #2 overall pick?


That website is not reliable. Was decent about ten years ago but draftexpress has now taken over for any draft coverage.


yeah survives based on their domain name



Think some of you may find this article interesting, detailing the recruitment and AAU history of Romeo Langford:


Probably Milwaukee’s best player last season, or at worst second-best. Had a VERY good Horizon League tournament. I don’t think he’ll start but he’s a solid depth signing. Probably McBrayer’s back-up I’d guess, might even get a little bit at point.



Rooting hard for Carsen to impress so we don’t have to deal with him next year


So much this! Now, I know he didn’t play all that well in two of the three games versus Michigan but I feel like those were dodged bullets (obviously, defense from Z & co. had something to do with that). Every time he launched I expected it to be a perfect swish.


Sounds like Heuter has a difficult decision after testing well

Notebook: Moritz Wagner trending toward first round, NBA Draft Combine, more

He would’ve been a surefire 1st rounder, before testing, and already signed an agent, if he was under JB’s wing
–Salty Michigan Fan


Heurter will always have the game winning 3 pointer at Crisler that wasn’t, thanks to MAAR. :slight_smile:


It’s funny because it’s true



I’m shocked this kid is getting any NBA love.


Just one more data point proving Beilein’s exceptional eye for talent.


Nothing to be salty about. We never offered him.