Big Ten Discussion


Great class for IU!! Couple of former M targets among them. Seemed for a while M was going to land Jerome Hunter.

Illinois ended up getting a good class as well all things considered. Lot of late pickups with talent and promise.


I can see this. Lincoln with those big hands, would have been like Chris Webber but better, if only the game had been invented when he was in his prime. Heck, baseball wasn’t invented until around the time of Abe’s untimely demise.

Maybe Abe could have gotten a scholarship instead of the equivalent online University of Phoenix law degree he ended up with. He did quite well with it I must say.


Indiana fans are now convincing themselves that they are national title contenders, lol.


Obviously they’re getting ahead of themselves with a natl champ but I certainly think they will be very good and our sleepers in the big ten and to make a run.

I’m not as optimistic as you guys that they will be middle of the pack big ten with a ceiling of fourth in the conference. I couod def see them surprising everyone and winning the big ten. I’d have to write it out but their a lock for top 25 imo by the end of the year and I think as if now I see them as 15-20 I’m the country with a ceiling of just around ten If everything falls right.

Obv Langford is huge but I think Hunter will be instant impact at least on Pooles level this year for us but prob more. They also got Morgan and Davis still, no? Both are tough players who will have nice years. They also got race Thompson coming off a red shirt and mcbrobets up front. I could see Anderson or Forrest ( prob Anderson) being nice bench help. Add in Justin smith who I loved since we recruited him and their wings are very impressive along with their front court.

Durham and green as guarda with Langford but pg is obvious the weakness and they got a 4 star pg coming on philsine or something. If they can get good pg play they suddenly look pretty tough. Good wings ( smith, hunter, Anderson, Forrest, Langford ) and front court ( Morgan, Davis mcribets, Thompson) could make them tough. Add in Archie as a coach who seems to have win with much less and I couod see them making moves.

Not happy Archie is here to stay. I think it’s Ohio st with holtzmsm , us and them , afor the near future In the big ten. I’m predicting a decline for state and izzo forva number of reasons. Wisconsin seems to be drying i a bit too ( they could be tough this year though). It’s Archie, holtzmsm and coach bs league frorvthe near future


Abe was 6’4" but more likely 6’9" with those big ass hats he wore. Get him on campus for his length, put him in Camp Sanderson to put on good weight, and have Coach B rebuild that backwoods shot of his. Diamond in the rough with a great work ethic, I see good things for Abe.


He definitely seems like a guy who would unpack his bags and stay for 4 years.


Probably put up four scores and seven (rebounds).


Holtzman likely will do well at Ohio State. Miller has not yet proved himself, and there is a lot more pressure at Indiana than at Ohio State.


LIkewise the Big O’s rhetoric has always been terribly underrated:

Four scores and seven dimes ago our coaches brought forth on this continent, a new association, conceived in Dribbling, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, but only one can average a triple-double over a full season.




Can we interpret this as saying Ward really wants out? Someone had intimated this above. . .


Interpretation is that Ward is testing the waters by working out for teams. Just like every prospect who is testing the waters should be trying to do. Not sure there’s any connection between working out for teams and wanting to go. If you aren’t working out for teams, why would you declare? (Unless no one wants you to work out for them)


Someone go to his instagram page and let’s get to interpreting


If someone doesn’t find a picture of Nick Ward standing next to John Beilein in the next hour so I can examine their heights then this thread has been all for nothing.


Have to admit I don’t care alot; just want MSU to be awful next year! Signed, Petty and Vindictive Guy!


Nah. Better to beat them (you know, hypothetically at their house and maybe in the BTT) when they’re a recognized power than to beat them when they’re down.


I kinda disagree - I’d rather Michigan be the “recognized power” and MSU be an average program.


I don’t care how good or bad they are in the regular season, my only wish is that Tom Izzo continues to miss the Sweet 16 every year for the remainder of his career. The Mr. March shitck is degrading every year and I love it


This. So much this. Three straight first weekend exits, all of the embarrassing variety. I love it.