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No, we did offer him.


Are you sure…I thought he was hemming and hawing about what class to classify in…Maryland gave him an offer in the earlier class…we wanted him to stay in the later class?

I guess I’m saying I’m pretty sure we did not offer him in the class he enrolled in.


We did initially want him for 2017 but ultimately offered him for 2016.


So, like Currie then?


Michigan wanted Huerter. UM was going to host him on an official visit, but he committed on his Maryland official visit the week before.


He would have looked good in this offense.


I can easily see Huerter being an NBA player. Although I also thought that about Nik.


Nick seemed more athletic to me with a better handle.


Nik played a bigger role offensively and was more of a playmaker, but I think that ability is there for Huerter. I don’t remember Nik’s testing, but I would be shocked if Huerter doesn’t grade out as more athletic at the combine. He’s a far better defender and is underrated there IMO.

He’s basically a college version of Klay Thompson, just have to see if it translates.


Stauskas was right up there with Cassius Winston as far as defensive prowess


Lol. My memory is escaping me on Nik’s defense but I do enjoy the reference. I’m well aware of Cassius’s defensive “prowess”.


So does Turgeon get credit for the development of Huerter and Fernandez?


Is prowess spelled wrong? I’m drawing a blank. Googled it originally and it came up. I know it doesn’t look right. 10 years ago I’d have gotten it right; if indeed it is wrong

Oh I get it. You’re accenting the actual lack of prowess. I’m slow


As much credit as Shaka Smart gets for developing Mo Bamba. :smile:


Heurter has a high basketball IQ. Beilein was on him early and I always regretted that we didn’t get him. Liked his game.


Huerter has serious game. Would’ve been a stud at UM


“Bruno Fernando: A physical specimen with a profile similar to Hilton Armstrong (233 pounds, 7-4 wingspan), Fernando is light on his feet with flashes of a motor on the offensive glass and decent touch from the free throw line. He also put together a few impressive possessions protecting the rim. With that said, his lack of instincts and feel was apparent offensively and on the defensive glass, and it remains to be seen how much room for improvement he has long-term. Fernando could get looks in the late second round as a G League development project, should he opt to stay in the draft.”


That seems dead-on to me. He’s a decent player but nothing to get overly excited about at the next level.


A more interesting quote from that story:

Huerter looks every bit of a potential first-round pick should he stay in the draft, but he is heavily considering going back to Maryland in hopes of becoming a lottery pick next year in what’s widely considered a much weaker draft.

I also agree with this quote: “Expect an Aaron Holiday-like trajectory should Edwards return to Purdue.”… Carsen Edwards set for a huge year.


It seems weird to me the that Huerter would expect to make a jump to a lottery pick. That’s a pretty big jump for him. Particularly as a junior in college.