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Wins over Seton Hall & Creighton at home, Clemson on the road and Oklahoma State on a neutral. Nebraska got blown out by Texas Tech, but otherwise got the job done in non-conf play.

Compare that to a year ago when Nebraska’s best non-con win was at home against No. 77 BC.



All within two feet of the basket. MSU does a great job of getting him the ball down low.
Not sure if this kind of game is going to improve his NBA prospects.


No high-major games for Big Ten teams until Saturday when Northwestern faces Oklahoma and Penn State plays Alabama. I can’t wait to get out of this stretch of the schedule.

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OSU with a disastrous offensive half against Ytown St. 1-11 from deep and 7-29 overall. Only down 3 as their opponent has been almost as bad shooting


OSU wins by 19 after waking up and scoring 53.

As someone who follows the Horizon, though, YSU is really really not good this season.


Purdue guard Ryan Cline looks like those NBA guys in Space Jam who lost all their powers. He is 1-of-24 from 3 over his last three games, which is a problem since making 3s is pretty much the only thing he does well.

-Seth Davis


Layups, dunks, bunnies or gimmes, Nick Ward has now made 34 of his last 38 shots from the field.

Anybody remember a stretch better than that?


Ward had a stretch last year where he went 38 for 42 against 5 teams before proceeding to score 3 and 4 points respectively against OSU and Mich on 2 for 6 shooting.


He’s had some incredible stretches of putting the ball in the basket in his career. Still clueless as to how to pass out of a double team though.


Seton Hall beat Maryland by four. Would’ve been nice for the Terps to win for the Big Ten. Illinois vs. Missouri for Braggin’ Rights is on now as well.


Is anyone clear on why Mark Smith was able to play immediately at Missouri when he left Illinois?


Illinois drops one at home to FAU… disastrous season.


I know it’s absurd and likely won’t happen but I have wonder if Illinois is thinking about cutting bait with underwood. Results have been horrific, recruiting has not been good, tons of roster turnover, instate coaches questioning his recruiting, players getting in trouble. When a tenure starts that bad it’s nearly impossible to get it going in the other direction. If they could get hoiberg, I’d definitely make the move.



Charles Bassey looked pretty good against Ethan Happ. B1G taking some shots today.


Burning ties with the state’s other EYBL teams by allowing the stunt pulled by Ayo Dosunmu and Mac Irvin Fire and pulling Horton-Tucker’s scholarship was also a really dumb mistake that tells a lot about the types of players he allows.


I was going to say basically the exact same thing. When its THIS bad, the negative momentum can be overwhelming. Real interesting to see if he can keep the wheels on the wagon.