Big Ten Basketball 2021-22 Discussion

Their whole season comes down to Hepburn making a huge leap

Didn’t he suffer a big-time injury in their final game? that a factor for offseason or next season at all?

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Carlson is in the portal.

The font size and color in that graphic were not chosen well.


Former Grand Rapids Christian standout signs multiyear deal with Indiana Pacers

Duane Washington Jr. reaches his dream.


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Hunter was at the Detroit Tiger ball game tonight and interviewed by Mickey York of Bally Sports and he asked HD how close he is to a nba decision. HD said a couple weeks ( coincides with 4/29 deadline). He just started thinking about it this week. Ended interview with a big GO BLUE!:thinking::wink::slightly_smiling_face:

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But the question is why exactly does that deadline matter?

Why wait either way?

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HD does what he does. You should know that.

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i listened to the interview and he said something about “there’s someone on the umhoops board it’s really gonna bother, so i’m gonna draw it out and make them sweat.” i didn’t get what he meant until right now though

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Obviously the transfer season is going to play out but the Big Ten looks… kinda stinky next year?


“The loss of Murray is significant for the Hawkeyes, who once again failed to reach the Sweet Sixteen under Fran McCaffery.”

Pleasingly cold.

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Rutgers adding a shooter. I noticed him while looking for volume shooters that could be eligible. Coming from MAAC is a decent jump tho

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The MAAC has very harsh splits on the Torvik conference tracker. Absolute basement offensively (just above MEAC/SWAC) and top-5 defensively. No 2-pointers allowed

Very Wisconsin portal pickup


Spot 1 open for Illinois. Illinois fans were convinced this kid was a steal


They have more 1-2 spots open right?

I’m gonna barf

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