Big Ten Basketball 2021-22 Discussion

Yes I know that . Underwood thought that Ok St would crush M in the tourney and didn’t like losing to Beilein.


Why would they think that?

They were a 10 seed and we were arguably the hottest team in the nation after that ohio state loss.

I thought it was because we had the nerve to attempt to win a basketball game against them in the tournament in 1989. What nerve we have, going out there and attempting to win! Very hateable.


Wisconsin has had 3 transfers now? Not Good for a program that relies on stability. Gard is lucky Johnny Davis blew up and changed the narrative of his program and get him “coach of the year” consideration and temporarily made people forget the year before when his team had a mutiny and were top 10 preseason




The thought was that he was going to go to Oakland because of Micah Parrish (they are close). Not sure what the situation is now that Parrish is in the portal.

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At first I saw “Davis” and I thought, “Wait, no way Johnny Davis comes back”, but then I looked it up and figured you are referring to Jordan Davis, Brother Of.

I mean, this group is decent but they’re missing what nearly every team in the B1G is missing in order to be top tier - an NBA-level wing or shooter. Maybe Jordan Davis, Brother Of develops as his brother did into one. (Just as Keegan Murray did at Iowa which led therm to a B1G tournament championship or Purdue did with Jaden Ivey.) The thing with Ivey, Murray, and Davis is that there were glimpses in their freshman seasons which indicated they might blow up.

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The other Davis is way worse than the other Murray. And Jahcobi Neath is awful. Having said that, I imagine they find some portal guys better than them. But even still, that team was so dependent on Davis. Wahl is solid but he’s a defense first guy that’s extremely limited on O. Their whole season comes down to Hepburn making a huge leap

Jahcobi Neath being suspended for a game was a benefit for Wisconsin. He’s absolutely terrible.

Yeah, Kris Murray will probably move into a featured role with Iowa; I had no idea how good Jordan Davis was last year.

I just don’t know how many Alpha players you can actually pick up in the portal and are going to be your featured, #1 option. There may be a few out there, but to me, if you have a team with top-tier aspirations you use the portal to find a defensive stopper (Chaundee Brown) or a #3-type scorer or maybe a "Run-the-Show PG that doesn’t HAVE to score a bunch (Mike Smith, Tyson Walker). Unless you’re Nebraska or Minnesota, you’re probably not going to build your team around transfers, and certainly not a P5 conference contender. Unless you get really lucky.

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Oh yeah I’m not saying they’ll get an alpha, just someone better than Neath and some guys to fill the rotation out

Do you think two portal starters? At the 2 and 3?

Hepburn | Portal 1
Portal 1 | Neath
Portal 2 | Davis
Wahl | Carlson
Crowl | Vogt

IIRC Wisconsin has no 22 class at all.

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I would imagine that’s what they’d like to do, but last year they took two transfers and neither were good enough to start for them by year end.

They have one incoming freshman. Half their 2021 class transferred already. Both because of “homesickness” per the UW release

Fixed it for you


They do have a class. Insecta


Oh no my heart aches for Wisconsin, but I’ll put on a smile and remain positive through their pain :grin:

Their whole season comes down to Hepburn making a huge leap

Didn’t he suffer a big-time injury in their final game? that a factor for offseason or next season at all?

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Carlson is in the portal.