Juwan Howard Coaching Rumors - Summer 2022

Ahhh… life is back to normal


Feel like everything I’ve heard re: Lakers is Snyder or Rivers

If you’re going to negative recruit against Juwan, I think “he’s going to feature his son in the offense” works better than “Lebron and the Lakers want him to be their coach.”


The Lakers are 100% going after Juwan from what I’ve heard. Unlikely he leaves but if Lebron steps in and pushes for it to happen, which he may, then things might get interesting.

“Hey man you sure you want to go play at Michigan? Their coach keeps getting interest from nba teams and his personal friend Lebron James even wants him to come to the Lakers. He’s bad news”


How long is LeBron even going to be there? Front office is blaming him for Russ and he made some overtures back to Cleveland during the All Star break. The Lakers’ general competitiveness and organizational stability aside, seems a bad time to follow LeBron there.

Hopefully Juwan can turn that into a recruiting positive. Worked for Coach K (among other things)…


Pit in stomach no matter what brain says. Hate this.


Juwan is a genuine dude. His son is going to be a freshman next fall. Juwan is not going anywhere in the near future. He loves what he’s doing. No, I’m not being naive.


Absolutely agree. That doesn’t change the fact that every time this happens I see Ed Cooley’s face in my brain. I really really REALLY do not want Warde out there conducting another search. There’s no downside to assuming Michigan is going to have to really go all out to keep him here every single spring once his kids are gone, and preparing for that scenario. No more going on vacation during coach-search season, when you know your coach has a wandering eye, as Warde did when Beilein left.


whispers I’m in on Cooley now if this happens

After one outlier year with a bunch of seniors and two tournament wins over double digit seeds?


Sure if we can have 7 seniors a season we can be top 35 on KenPom! You’re spending too much time with Goodman :wink:


Wouldn’t we just promote Saddi?

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In the unlikely event Juwan leaves, Michigan has to do a national search.

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Oh we’ve got our man…


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I think Cooley’s gotta get some credit for building a roster with 7 seniors (5 of their top 7 were transfers). I’m just saying the “Cooley’s our best option” thing feels different now than it did three years ago if we were forced into that horrifying situation again.

That team was “lucky” as he!! but they also had a ridiculous ATS record all season long.

How about Oats?


Not saying the Lakers won’t pursue Juwan but Assistant Rondo began on Ballsack Sports fwiw


Cooley is bad. He runs a ridiculous outmoded offense that costs his decent talent like 20 spots in KenPom every year. Stay way way way away.

Eisley or Saddi if we can’t land a moonshot like Oats or whoever. Eisley in particular I think has done terrific things with our offense. Not sure how recruiting would go but I think that would work itself out.

But also let’s just not do this. That Lakers team is a mess and a head coach isn’t gonna solve it. GM Lebron is maybe the worst in the game.


I can absolutely sell myself on Cooley not being a disaster. I was already starting to do that when it seemed like he may come. But being good ATS goes hand in hand with the luckiness since the KenPom lines determine the Vegas lines. He’d have a ceiling here