2019 - G - Joe Girard III (Offer)


If JB had waited until after Oklahoma and Syracuse had offered, some would’ve complained that he waited too long and wasted the “first big offer” credit.


It’s almost like any decent program would like a knockdown shooter who is lightning quick off of screens.


Coach Beilein usually is the first major to offer players ranked three star or less


To be fair, most objections are more towards roster construction than towards Girard’s ability himself.

Although I will not lie, I found an old forum topic about Mo when he first came on the radar, and it consisted of MattD arguing profusely saying we didn’t need him at all as he was just a role player. He then said we should take some bozo C instead that was ranked in the 200s and flamed out at Depaul.


Thank you for the insight. My 2 cents…MSU gets away with fouls that others don’t.


One of the few complaints I have with Coach B is that he just doesn’t seem to be able to influence officials to make calls in our behalf like others, Izzo, do. Today is a case in point. I don’t know the exact numbers because I didn’t check the stats but there certainly seems to be a discrepancy in fouls in Minnesota’s favor. The good news is that sometimes evens out. I sure hope it does in the second half. Minnesota seems to be hitting all kinds of shots, crazy off balance finger rolls, three pointer that bangs off the rim, straight up four feet above the rim, and then, somehow, straight back down through the hoop. We’ve had several opportunities in close that just didn’t go in. I sure hope that reverts back to the mean in the second half, too.


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The calls were highly imbalanced for the first 12 to 15 minutes of today’s game. I think it was 8 fouls against Michigan to 2 against Minnesota at the 8 minute timeout. Not that Michigan wasn’t fouling, but Minny was not being called, despite similar contact. I thought the calls were even in the last 5 minutes of the 1st half and were in our favor for the beginning of the second half. Except for the traveling call against Duncan when Minny was intentionally fouling - a horrendous miss in my opinion - I thought it was a typical somewhat below average reffing job by B1G refs.


Oh, it evened out, no question. It was 11-4 at half and went to 13-4 with Livers’ two quick fouls in the second half. Actually by the end of the game Minny probably had MORE fouls than we did, I didn’t check the final stats, but they HAD to foul, and it proved to be advantageous to them to do so. Now, having said that, I’m pretty sure my comment will be “flagged” and hidden because it’s in the Joe Girard thread, NOT the Michigan Vs. Minnesota discussion thread. I DID want to reply to your comment, though, and didn’t know how else to do it. How about this, I think Joe Girard is an awesome shooter and I’m glad Coach B offered him. Actually, they’ll probably find some other reason why this isn’t appropriate! We’ll see.


Oops, sorry about that. I didn’t pay attention to which thread I was commenting on.


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Kid is starting to blow up


Sadly a big reason behind that is when a kid finally gets that first solid HM offer from a decent program, others immediately follow and offer. Same thing happened with Harlond Beverly. He got his Baylor offer, then coincidentally, several more, including MSU, followed in the days/weeks after. Coaches don’t like offering first and trusting their own judgment. But once others do, then they don’t feel peer pressure per say. It’s funny. The Michigan offer seemed to lead to quite a few more offers now from respectable high major programs. Glad to see the kid or any kid getting offers like Girard has recently.



Wonder if they will offer him


Not saying the kids horrible or anything but why does this feel like the next (lower ranked) Wojo, Collins, Hurley, Laettner, Redick, Allen dude you hate because he’s a Dookie and not on your team.


He’s white? I dunno.


I obviously don’t have inside info, but I would guess they’re keeping an eye on him if they have extra slots to fill after NBA departures. I could be wrong, but all the players they take that are ranked similar to Girard are usually late in the game and they end up transferring because K has sold his soul to Jeff Capel


I feel a certain way about Luke Kennard since Beilein was recruiting him since middle school only to see Duke sweep in and land him. I was always hopeful that Kennard would play his college ball in Ann Arbor.

With all the other guys, I don’t have that level of recruiting disappointment and the Duke hate can flow freely.