2019 - G - Joe Girard III (Offer)


Beilein isn’t the only one come in for Girard


Except when he had to wear the titanium neck cage. Bout 210 then.


There is a positive mention in the article but the author also states that they have a policy where negative comments directed towards players are off limits. The comments on that article (including a Paul Girard who weighed in) are the part I think Kenny meant was concerning.


I trust Coach B’s judgment on the quality of the kids he recruits implicitly. I can’t say I read the comments with no interest - but what the coaches determine is the character of a kid they recruit >>>>>>>>>>>>>> some random local commenters in an internet comment section.


For what it’s worth, this is in an article about the “basketbrawl”:

“The Post-Star is withholding the names of the players involved, but police said Glens Falls star guard Joseph Girard III was not part of the fight.”


I didn’t “like” this because I would certainly not condone a fight among players at a basketball game, BUT, I do like the fact that, “police said Glen Falls star guard Joseph Girard III was not a part of the fight.” Thanks for posting!


Yeah, it’s hard to like anything about a high school basketball game than ends with a police officer knocked unconscious, but it’s nice to know Girard doesn’t seem to have been involved.


I posted the same story by a local paper yesterday but only a few paid attention.

Girard does not seem to be involved but his dad is the coach who should take some responsibility on this.


As a former coach, I agree. The coach certainly bears some responsibility here. On a similar note, last night I was watching the State game with my wife, a State fan, and when Bridges literally checked (as in hockey) the Penn State player out of bounds, I was yelling at Izzo. Izzo had gotten in Bridges face in that Tom Izzo nasty look on his face, yelling at the kid way that Izzo does for missing a layup, but he didn’t say a word when Bridges knocked the kid out of bounds for no apparent reason other than being upset about a couple of incidents that had happened a few minutes earlier. I could be heard yelling, “Izzo needs to get in Bridges’ face about that, not for missing a freaking layup!” It’s one thing to play physical and quite another to allow kids to do things that could result in a brawl. Coaches need to set a standard for their kids as to what is acceptable and what is ABSOLUTELY NOT acceptable. By the way, I thought the Ward elbow was a Flagrant 2.

Finally, full disclosure, with two kids who are State grads and a State wife who is now turning my grand daughter and my dog into State fans, I do occasionally cheer for the Spartans. There was a time in my life when that was impossible, a time when I HATED the Sparties, but I’ve mellowed. Oh, and I used to teach at the Spartan and Nike Golf Camps, so there’s that, too. Used to sing the Spartan fight song with the kids during camp( had to, no choice!) then get in my car and play the Victors as loud as I could all the way to the hotel! :grinning: Yes, coaches bear responsibility for the conduct of their players.


Silverblue, even though we disagree on Andrew Dakich I enjoy your posts and how they have a much different perspective than the average internet commenter.


FWIW, the coach isn’t his dad but his dad’s cousin.


Thanks, KT, I appreciate your kindness. I probably did go a little overboard with the Dakich thing, and NEVER intended it to get to the level of contention that it did. I’ll be 71 years old in another week and still substitute teach because I LOVE it! I’ve actually come out of retirement to do a little coaching, too. I’m a huge supporter of kids, really all kids, but especially Michigan Basketball and Football players. I know my opinions about the support I wish to express for “our” kids can be a bit overbearing at times, and while I can come off as a jerk sometimes, that’s not really who I am. Again, thanks for your kind words! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for correcting me. His coach, Rob is Joe’s father’s cousin.


Who ever thought we’d learn so much about the Girard family?


I thought the same about the Brunson family lol


I agree with your comments about the MSU/Penn St game but Izzo likes a rough game. I still don’t understand how Ward didn’t get a flagrant 2.


Thanks for your comment, UofMJBfan. I agree with your handle and will always support UM and JB! Tom Izzo is a great basketball coach, with flaws. He is a tremendous motivator of his players, but he doesn’t motivate in ways that I would, personally, condone. I have had the privilege, experience, of attending a Tom Izzo practice. That experience taught me that his demeanor is every bit as WILD as we Michigan fans think. It was a memorable experience. I have also had the opportunity to see him at Michigan State’s golf course a couple of times where he was personable, funny, and quite gracious. I think it’s great for kids to be taught and coached to be physical, to be tough, but when a kid just knocks another player out of bounds, really nowhere near the play, for no other reason than his coach wants him to be tough, to get physical, to intimidate, well, that’s not basketball, not the way I want it played. And Miles Bridges is a great BASKETBALL player. So I was a little upset with Izzo. For my wife’s sake I was actually cheering for the Spartans. OK, I was pretending to cheer for the Spartans, but when that happened, in addition to yelling at Izzo, I yelled out, “Just play basketball! You are better than Penn State! You don’t need to do that stuff! Just PLAY BASKETBALL!” Of course, they did, and what I told my wife would happen, actually happened. Well, it almost did. I said at half time, and even well into the second half, they’d win by 12-15. They won by eight. The Spartans are really good. I think Purdue is better. But I LOVE Michigan, and I’m a big JB fan!


Man did that kid turn out to be a playa.


Yeah, he would’ve looked nice in maize and blue. Seems to have worked out okay for him though.


Girard was offered by Syracuse today.