2019 - G - Joe Girard III (Offer)


I don’t get it

What don’t you get? He dropped 54 points in front of Beilein last night and is probably the best shooter in the country for his class. He is going to break the New York state scoring record as a junior. He is a pretty good athlete, but undersized. He’s a good football player too.


Shot well in the EYBL.

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He’d be the 4th tiny point guard type on the 2019 roster and this is a class where we can afford to swing big with the small numbers available.

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We need shot creators desperately. Don’t we have enough catch and shoot guys going forward?

Looks like Watts is the long shot we all thought.

Seriously? Dejulius, Poole, Iggy, Johns, CM… That’s a lot more shot creators than most teams have… and I still think Brooks and Livers can become that too

So from the roster in 2019, who exactly are the “catch and shoot” guys? Nunez and…? You surround the guys we have coming in with a lights out shooter and the floor will be wide open with a lot of room to create


He’s not Watts, but he’s got some game.

Need an athletic triple threat guy who can breakdown defenses and create shots for teammates.

No one on present or future roster remotely has that ability going forward.


I am surprised you don’t think we will have guys who are capable of shooting a jumpshot, or driving and scoring, or driving and dishing on next year’s roster. Out of curiosity, looking at past rosters, what type of a player do you think we need? Burke/ stauskas type?

I’m greatly confused as well. What we really need is a LeBron James.


Really? Who is a legitimate triple threat who can breakdown an opponents defense by himself?

To be fair, he’s referring to having one player who is capable of all 3 things.

I think Z, Poole, Dejulius, and Iggy all have that potential, but agree that we dont have anybody who has proven capable of all 3, reliably. But, I dont think there’s many non-5-stars that can do all 3, right out of high school. I mean, Trey is really the only frosh we’ve had that could, and that was a mild, if not bigger, surprise.


I am curious what specific bar you are setting when you say we “need” a specific kind of player. What past players are you specifically thinking of?