Minnesota at Michigan Discussion Thread


Just like the last game I’m very nervous here. I thought minny was completely overrated coming into the year and now they have stumbled. Contrary to both these points I do think they are good and talent wise they are capable of being top 25. Just like last game this would be a “bad” loss even though I think they are much better then they have shown.

Coffey sitting would be huge. We won’t get any credit for these wins versus minny, nw, Maryland or penn st but they’re all much better then stats indicate. Big ten should have been the top conference. Definitely talent wise I like the big ten but you can’t fix the out of conference meltdown. I’d still take minny or nw over most conferences 6-8 seeds all day.

Maybe I’m the only one that feels this way but I don’t see this being a problem at all. They’re without their most valuable player and have zero depth whatsoever.

Agreed. Think we easily take care of business if Coffey doesn’t play.

IMO, we see our first true blowout tomorrow.

Longest rest between games and a sold out Crisler + Minnesota’s struggles and possible injuries.


Plus JB owns Minnesota

But the real question is, will it be a comfortable win?

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Is this confirmed?

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Yep! Not too long ago though. I saw it a couple hours ago on Twitter.


Ha yes given the conversation this week, I should’ve clarified. I think tomorrow we see a comfortable win, BEYOND covering the spread.

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Coffey is out today. I can’t see how we lose this game.

Yep, he’s out.

Hard to feel too good after that. What a shit show by the referees and our free throw shooting. Apparently the extended time off wasn’t what we needed.

Simpson 6/6 from inside the arc is awesome, he needs to drive instead of settling for deep threes.

I have no clue why we stopped going to Moe in the second half.

Poole had an off shooting day, but that’ll happen sometimes.

Matthews needs to dunk everything because his layup shooting is suddenly awful.

Duncan is playing very well. I’m glad he isn’t making me look dumb after I went in full out defense of him a month ago lol.

This game never happened, onwards to Northwestern.


Oh Good Lord. In a timeout, Coach B told them to have some fun, dammit - this team is just not that good if they’re not going for the damn thing. They played scared, nervous, tight, like all they could think about was this was a game they couldn’t afford to lose. Team didn’t go anywhere last year until Walton went raw animal on everyone.

Send my prediction to old takes exposed. Wayyy off.

Good grief that was a pathetic game. Kudos to the team for still pulling it out. UGLY UGLY UGLY but a W.

Fully agree on Duncan.

He was putting hands up and in the face of a lot of shots today. Love the way he’s playing recently.


If not for some ref foolery to save them, Minny not calling a timeout with 45 seconds left in regulation down three should’ve cost them. They took an awful three then proceeded to waste 20 more seconds on defense being confused about what to do. Pitino is awful.


If we’d lost that game by letting it go into overtime, these guys would have put me in the ground.

What the hell was that possession down the stretch where we suddenly switched to man off a made shot and promptly got destroyed for an easy 2 we could ill afford? That happened, right?

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