2019 - G - Joe Girard III (Offer)


Yeah it hurt seeing how good Kennard became. Devin Booker is another situation like that. Beilein recruited him forever, then he blew up and Michigan was nowhere to be seen in his recruitment. Although he became an obvious one-and-done which Kennard was not.


I was on campus visiting a friend at MSU when Devin Booker took an official visit there. I saw him at a house party and shook his hand and told him “go to Michigan”.

Clearly I’m not a great recruiter lol


You must have used a “Northern” handshake.

You know, the empty-handed kind. :smiley:
(couldn’t resist)



Uhh I take back what I said


Now I can be angry that we lost him after being confused about why we offered him.


Yikes. Gonna be tough to land him now. It is not often that anyone is able to beat out Duke for a recruit, even the blue bloods


He’ll get there just in time to play 4 minutes per game and transfer to USC


There’s always time for Duke to be implicated in the FBI investigation.


I wonder if Coach K cried?


Girard going to Duke or elsewhere wouldn’t faze me one way or the other. I’m liking the more athletic M b-ball team; Girard would def be a step backwards in terms of that. Gotta love his shot and range though.


This is so good, just liking this post isn’t enough. I had to repost it.


There’s plenty of athleticism to put around him and teams like Texas have not done so well with a bunch of athletes and no shooters. Lastly, he’s probably a better athlete than you think. Probably Stu level, though not as big, or similar to the Davidson kid at Wiscy. He’s not a kid who will look completely out of place.


Don’t we already have that covered with Nunez?


Nunez looks pretty athletic to me and can put the ball on the floor, as well as shoot off the bounce. His signature move is the shake n bake step back 3.


He’s not near the athlete Stu Douglass was imo. Not even close. He’s not Andrew Dakisch… oh snap! Let’s start an argument!! But he ain’t no Stu Douglass

I don’t think M is in any danger of having a roster of athletic guys who can’t shoot.

Anyway… would welcome Girard with open arms, but not going to lament if he goes elsewhere


Just waiting to hear “Girard had to reach out to Beilein. Why wasn’t Beilein blowing up the kid’s phone to get an introduction??”


Just like coach K to come in after JB validates with an offer and tries to swoop in for the take.


token clean recruit.


I would be shocked if a lot of coaches didn’t have their assistants monitoring who other savvy schools are courting.