2018 Recruiting Notes


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Depth and future rotations

Seems like he’s winning MVP at every tournament his team goes to. I’m looking for his 3p% to go up as well.


Iggy is almost certain to be part of the rotation next year. The others still have work to do.


I’m almost willing to bet $ he starts next year if he is even close to as good as advertised. Beilein will find him a spot at the 2, 3 or 4. Wherever just to get him on the court.

Depth and future rotations

Matthews and Iggy at the wing spots could be pretty awesome. They would be a unique combo at the wing spots we’ve never had. Neither is a pure jump shooter (yet) but Matthews athleticism and Iggy’s physicality and handle would be fascinating.


I think we should start accepting that Matthews is gone after this year, lol


I haven’t seen any draft related “gurus” even mention his name. I know he’s off the radar right now but it’s not a 100% certainty at all right now.


Even if Matthews does declare, we should be fine. If Poole makes good improvements for next year, he and Iggy could be a great combo on the wings. Poole as the shooter and Iggy as a do it all scorer. A nice yin and yang combo at the 2/3 spots and Livers and Johns rotating at the 4 and maybe they occasionally slot in at the 3 as well.


At this point he’d probably be a late second round pick at best. For an NBA shooting guard to not have a consistent three point shot, you’ve got to be elite at the other stuff to make up for it. Maybe he’ll improve his stock throughout the season, but like kturnup said, I haven’t even seen him on any mocks.


I think his free throw percentage will cast major doubt on his shooting ability as a whole at the next level. That plus the team likely won’t make as deep of a run in March this year so he won’t have the added buzz of a breakout tournament performance


It’s still pretty early for draft gurus to take notice of a guy who was generally off the radar like Matthews, but he is showing a lot that I think NBA scouts will like. The FT% thing is a good point though. That could end up really scaring teams off since that is very strongly valued for 3 point projection at the next level.


There is almost no chance he gets drafted IMO


I agree, Would need to develop a consistent jumper in a hurry


The season has just begun. Matthews could grow into another player by seasons end but right now I can’t see him being drafted.


I think we all agree he has a wealth of talent, but to get to the NEXT level he needs to get stronger and play through contact, develop a better handle, and definitely develop a more consistent shot. I REALLY think his intent, at this point, is to be here next year because he knows he needs improvement in those areas, and he knows Coach B can help with his shot. Hopefully Sanderson can help with strength and DeAndre can help with handle and toughness.


We’ve seen a lot of disregarded players flip the switch with Beilein–I wouldn’t rule that out for a minute. He has looked a little lost the last two games, though. If his number comes up a lot early he seems to find his way to the center of the action; last night and in the previous game he seemed pretty tangential, and pretty tentative when he did see the ball.

Really, though, I don’t see this–most of these technical questions–as the problem last night. They just got bullied and cowed–not even by a lot of hard play, just by the limelight, fans, and OSU’s enthusiasm for stealing the game from them. Every now and then I wish John would get up in their st*ff–and early–when you can see that coming.


I agree, he needs to pull the plug on their runs a little bit sooner with a TO.


At this point I don’t even see how an NBA team takes a chance on Wagner with a first round pick…He may very well be back to get his degree.


I mean we are still in the first half of the season and he has filled in some gaps in his game (eg rebounding). There is still plenty of time to make himself relevant. Just think how much DJ increased his stock in the last month and a half of the season. That said, I think and hope that he will stay.

I have to believe that we will have attrition this year, one way or another


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But Moe almost earned a draft pick off one great primetime March game against a premiere opponent. If Mo strings together a couple of similar performances in the last 1/3-1/4 of the season, he could replicate the feat. But, if his inconsistency flares up in March, then he could easily undo last year’s emergence.