2018 Recruiting Notes


Yes, Im guilty as well…but my point is the Mo to the NBA hype went crazy last year after one game in the tourney and quickly diminished after they got a real close look at him and broke down his game. In fact, I think I read that some thought he could have even gone undrafted. The last couple draft boards I’ve looked at haven’t listed him in the first round either.


I may have started the derailing, or at least participated in it! Sorry guys!


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Hey guys, please try to keep updates on 2018 commits in their own player threads. Will be a lot easier to sort through and probably avoid some of the more pointless arguments that these other threads have turned into. No need to double post in each spot either.


Not sure where to put this, but it’s somewhat relevant and found it interesting. Thomas Kithier (MSU commit) ruled ineligible for entire high school season. Was going to team with Foster Loyer and Taylor Currie at Clarkston


Wow, that really sucks for the kid, but it seems to be a clear violation.


Heard he would go Prep the rest of the season to get some games under his belt going into MSU if he got ruled ineligible. Will be interesting to see if he does leave now.


Can he enroll early at Msu?


Not sure. Based on the team they have they likely don’t need him or have a roster spot available anyways. Plus, their frontcourt depth is one of the main reasons they are so good this year. Don’t see Kithier having any role for MSU’s team this season regardless.


Yeah, I was thinking it would be similar to a football early enrollment. Just participate in practice and maybe pay hiw own way for 1 semester. Seems better than enrolling in prep school just to get some court time.


Probably would be hard (impossible?) to get everything together in time to graduate in the span of a couple weeks when you weren’t planning on it.


Wouldn’t seem to make much sense to enroll early and use up a semester of eligibility. I guess you could RS him. But what if he’s deemed not ready next year? Lose your chance to RS him next season


Well I agree with that, I don’t think enrolling early would be his best move at all.


Football EEs don’t need to pay their own way and it doesn’t effect their eligibility. Basketball’s schedule poses problems football doesn’t face.


That’s why I said pay his own way. No scholarship impact.


Still costs him half a season’s eligibility.


Didn’t Dennis Smith enroll early at semester? I know that he was injured and recovering. Also pretty close to a no-brained one and done…


Whether you are a walk on or on scholarship, it still impacts your NCAA eligibility. You have five years to play four (barring injury). So his would be over in January of 2023. There would be no point to RS him because nobody would want a player for the first half a season in the 2022-23 season.


Only way around that is if he enrolls part-time.


But I wouldn’t think he’d get to use any of MsU’s athletic facilities or practice if he was part time, which would be the sole benefit to enrollin early.