2018 - Wing - Ignas Brazdeikis (Commit)


Quick update on 2018 F Ignas Brazdeikis
2018 Recruiting Notes
2018 Recruiting Notes

Sounds like the plan is to stick in 2018 for Ignas.


Is it a recruiting violation for stauskas to be recruiting him?


Improper benefit If Stauskas bought him a dinner after the workout?

I am not going to worry about it if they already had relation before M started recruiting him. I guess that they are from the same community.


According to Iggy, he and Nik have been friends for a long time. If there was a pre-existing relationship, there is no issue.


That’s what we thought about Jamal Crawford way back when…
(although maybe the NCAA has become more pragmatic with pre-existing relationships over the past decade)


Jamal received benefits (car, living expenses, etc.) and his benefactor wanted to become an agent. The relationship didn’t start until after Jamal became a recruitable athlete. It was still b.s. to require Jamal to pay the guy back, something he could not do. Nik is just a friend.


I would add to Sane’s post that Jamal Crawford’s relationship was with a man who at least at some point had an interest in being an agent and with UM self reporting, they practically forced the NCAA to do something, not that I agreed with the ruling.
The relationship with Stauskas and Iggy is common and has no $ involved. No different than the guys from Flint recruiting the next batch of Flint kids to MSU. The rules haven’t changed nor has the NCAA ever been interested in looking into these types of situations to be honest.


Yeah, I don’t really understand all of the concern over Nik Stauskas working out with the kid? Do we think that Miles Bridges didn’t text and work out with Draymond Green?



I’m sure the concern is from those of us who have seen (or at least perceived) unequal application of NCAA rules in the past.




He’s really killing it


Would love to get this kid on campus sooner than later.


He was on campus in the winter. Would like him for 17 if either dj or moe leaves


He’s looking so good now that you take him reguardless of which year it is. This kid is going to be very good. He may not be fully ready this year but we need to make room for him somehow if he is going to reclassify to '17.


In the articles from UMhoops and mlive he stated he was staying in 18. I was just saying he’d be a good pickup if they needed him in 17


In the article here he said that too :slight_smile:


My fault sorry about that! I edited it.


All good man, just joking around.