2018 Recruiting Notes


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I’m curious to see how big of a contribution Johns will make as a freshman.


Nice. Pretty good handle. Like to see him going to the basket. Three pointer is part of his arsenal, too.


When is signing day this month for 2018 recruits.


November 8th.


Ignas rated by Scout as the second best scorer in the entire class of 2018.


Class rankings with a bit of writing. Also of note so far, Maryland at 6, MSU at 10, Indiana at 12, Northwestern at 15, OSU at 17, and Minnesota at 22.

edit: If Duke’s class of the 4th and 6th best players rank below Cal’s (81, 87, 254), UCLA (46, 58, 232), etc. there is a large issue with your rankings system. Obviously quantity should have a role, but jeez… One extra player ranked in the 200’s should not push them ahead of Duke’s class.


Has Johns signed yet?



LOIs are in and Beilein quotes are up:



It may be too much work, but I would really appreciate a periodic update on how our 2018 class members are doing throughout their senior year. The Michigan guys are sometimes in the news, but the out of state players are never covered. It would be great to know how they are progressing.


I feel like @BP3 will be great for stuff like that, at least with the in state guys. Like you said, it’s hard to get info on out of staters.

Depth and future rotations

Yea I can try to keep this thread updated with the commits game stats. I wouldn’t mind. If someone can occasionally tag me in a message it can be a good reminder the day of games. I usually post these things on the Prep Hoops Michigan twitter so I can just copy the tweet into a post if I get reminded.

Depth and future rotations

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Thanks! I might want to slip on down to Ottawa Hills to see that game…

EDIT: I had better make sure I have the right Ottawa Hills first!


If it’s GR Ottawa Hills, I’d love to go! I live only a mile or so from there! Unfortunately, GOSH DARN IT, I’ll be out of town that weekend! Do you think I could get my wife to postpone her birthday by about a week?!?


Do you (or anyone) know if that Clarkston game is part of a holiday tourney/event? North Farmington is not far from me so that’d be my best bet…just curious if there are other games worth watching at that time too.

Thanks for posting!


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I am not entirely sure to be honest. I assume so since its on a neutral court. I haven’t heard of many solo regular games being at a neutral venue.