2018 - PG - David DeJulius (Commit)


Looking very likely that JB will be taking a PG in 2018.

2018 Recruiting Notes
2018 Recruiting Notes
2018 Recruiting Notes

I really like that kid.



Hot dog, now that’s a PG!!! Odd we’d take 3 in 3 classes though?


Coach B must like this kid over Cohill


Especially 3 short ones.


“99.9% Sure that a certain 4star PG will commit to Michigan on Monday during lunch/early afternoon.” - MattD


Ha, I was just coming here to post this.


Where is he ranked a 4 star?


4 star on ESPN with no scouting report, #22 PG
Anonymous 2 star on Scout
Unranked on 247
3 star #145 overall on Rivals


The film I saw of him last year I really liked. He had such a solid game. Very fundamental, had almost an old man game at times, in a good way at fifteen. He was posting guys up and making crafty moves with his back turned. Very impressive for that age I remember. I for one think this is a great addition.

A future back court of

X, Brooks, Poole, dejulius, and sometimes Ibi is a nice group to work with. All likely four year kids too, although hard to predict. A little undersized but it’s ok. All combo guards. Could be deadly. Also a very heady group running the show.

Good way to start the class. If we miss on a 17 that’s two more kids right?


Does this mean the staff sees Brooks as a combo guard? Can he guard a 2?


From the looks of his twitter account, seems like his g/f signed with Michigan.


What’s the consensus on this kid? Underrated nationally for some reason? People seem more excited than I would expect for a 2-3 star prospect at a position we have relatively filled for the next few years. I don’t know much about him at all other than MattD used to mention him quite a bit


The tape looks great and that probably carries more weight around here than rankings.


Meritocracy. If X doesn’t produce at a productive level next year, you have DeJulius potentially ready to compete/contribute as a Frosh in 18.

Need to start hitting on some Freshmen that are college ready to play instead of only getting meaningful minutes against the frosted cupcakes of the world.


You left out composite ranking.


Does composite really mean anything when only one site (247) has him with an overall ranking? Better to just see the pieces separately at this point. Tbh, it doesn’t even seem like any of these sites have really scouted him besides MAYBE 247.


It was a joke.


With Brooks and DeJulius seemingly more coveted than Nojel Eastern, is it reasonable to conclude Coach Beilein didn’t think Eastern and Simpson were a good match as PG’s, neither appearing to be proficient shooters.