2018 - F - Brandon Johns (Commit)

No big surprise that Johns got the first offer. Been a U-M priority for a long time now. If you missed it we had an article on him at USA earlier this week.

I was one of the first people to get word of the information from Brandon, and for what its worth, Brandon seemed genuinely excited IMO.


Working on a little video break down of Johns’ game, should be up on the front page shortly.

Easy to see how Johns is a fit from that film. Smooth shot, can finish around the rim. Pretty smooth game all around. Still young and his game will continue to evolve, but there’s a lot of raw skill to like there right now.

Yeah he’s a no brainer. Oozing with talent and so much physical maturing to come.

Love the film, lots of skill to work with. I read somewhere that he would most likely play the 4 at UM, Dylan or anyone do you see any comparison here to any past Beilien players? Off that video, none come to mind for me.

Hmm. Good question. I generally hate comparisons but I can see how they can be helpful. I’ll try to think on it a bit more. It’s funny how he can seem like a perfect fit for the Beilein offense yet not really resemble anyone that UM has had recently.

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For me Brandon Johns game resembles Paul Pierce. Not going to do a whole lot of creating off the dribble like a young Paul, but a good catch and shoot type with the ability to put the ball on the floor for 1-2 dribbles for a pull-up. Definitely has a college ready body. I’d be lying if I said I think he’s a top 30 player though. Definitely a nice game, but he’s passive (could be based on youth) and could have a bit more energy at times.

I can see what you are talking about, but that’s why I don’t like comparisons. Pure scoring 16 year old and we’re at Paul Pierce…

But I think its pretty clear that Johns best basketball is ahead of him and how his body develops will really kind of shape what player he becomes.

I think you know I mean stylistically, game type. Comparing Brandon Johns to Paul Pierce at any level is ridiculous in terms of production, I agree. In terms of body, that’s where more of my concerns are, his body is already developed to a large degree, don’t know if there’s much more you can do in terms of mass. Can certainly work on definition and strength though. He’s not the quickest guy around, and doesn’t really use his size/strength to his advantage to be honest. I’ve seen flashes where you can certainly see the skill, but he’s just not a very consistent player when playing vs. legit competition, and I’ve seen him a ton.

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I know what you mean with the comparison, just saying that’s why comparisons like that can be such a mess.

Regardless of what his frame looks like now, he’s only 16 which means he has plenty of time to develop physically over the next couple years.

Yeah, the comparison game can be murky. I really like Johns as a prospect because he’s a legit 6’8 and 225 and can see over the top of a defense. I just don’t know if he’s a no-brainer type of kid to take depending on how the 17 class shakes out. Still young though

Not a Beilein player, but maybe LaVell Blanchard?


At 6’8", with a fluid, textbook jumper, Johns reminds me of a more athletic Duncan Robinson. Similarly, he needs to improve his handle and defense, but presumably that is where the additional athleticism should help.

Brandon has struggled a bit from distance in EYBL, but he has good mechanics. I expect him to be an above average/good shooter from 3 in college. My concern is position based - he doesn’t have the agility or lateral movement to play SF on either side of the court, and lacks motor to be a 4. I’m fearful that you end up with a better version of DJ Wilson.

Think the DJ Wilson comparison is disingenuous. Johns has already been far more productive in HS at a young age, he’s playing EYBL up a grade. He finishes around the basket, can stretch the floor with his shot.

I don’t think Wilson has really proven he can do any of that and even in HS was regarded as more of a project. I don’t see any reason Johns can’t grow into a great fit at four at Michigan, which is really just a wing position offensively.


I agree. Playing up a grade is always tough for guys. His form looks great and with the addition of some muscle, would be the ideal 4 man for Michigan. Haven’t seen a whole lot of film on him but he seems to have good length to where guarding the 4 wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. He’s got more than enough time to mature physically.

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Agree with most of your observations, except the DJ comparison–DJ being a 5-4 split and Johns being a 4-3 one. I appreciate that Brandon has struggled this Summer on his 3s. But his form is almost textbook, if perhaps a tad mechanical. Under Beilein, I wouldn’t expect shooting to be an issue at the next level. I agree about his motor and his lack of physicality–at least to play the 4 among elite players. Which is why my comparison remains with Duncan, Again, he needs to improve his handle and lateral quickness to be a major player at the 3. But he’s pretty bright and a willing learner. FWIW, my observations are not based on his film; I’ve been watching him play for a number of years.