2018 Recruiting Notes


Yes, we very badly need a 2 in the 2018 class, especially since we don’t know for sure how Poole will pan out.


Hence my use of the word “some” before top targets


Jerome Hunter very seldom takes ANY defender off the dribble. Hunter needs open shots to score, Iggy dosent. His change of direction and ball skills are what keeps him scoring, not blow by ability. Iggy is much more versitile.

I wouldn’t trade Iggy or Johns for any recruit we went after this cycle.

Nunez is a project. A bigger Stu Douglass as a freshman?

This class is very, very good.


we can take another 2 to shore up the depth, but we are far away from “very badly need” one.


If he is anything like Stu Douglass he Better Not Commit. I pray he goes elsewhere.


You mean the Stu Douglass who started on a Big Ten Championship team (and on two other NCAA tournament teams)? The one who was our defensive player of the year as a junior and senior? The one who is still getting paid to play basketball abroad? That Stu Douglass?

Stu wasn’t a star, but the grief that a starter/rotation player on pretty good teams took/continues to take floors me.


Stu Douglas was the thit. Yes I speak with a lisp, once in a while I type with one.
I use to lament Stu’s lack of awareness of his talent and skill. He never knew how good he was; I bet it’s dawning on him now as he plays professionally.


Dislike button times a million. Stu Douglass was one of the hardest working MF’ers I’ve ever seen play the game. His defense was exceptional given his medium at best athleticism. Oh, and of course this: https://youtu.be/z3HBDmLb3Ys?t=1h23m7s


Still hatin on Douglass? It’d be totally fine if Nunez ends up like Douglass. Especially since he’d be coming off the bench because we will most likely have better depth in the backcourt than when Douglass was here


(I’d rather us not touch him with a thousand mile pole, but whatever)


Agreed. Anybody related to L’ville is tainted at this point, though it’s possible he was a freebie. In any case, I think Nunez took that spot.



I think the “down on Dejulius” comes from the fact that most of us are not making our decisions based on live evaluation, we are mostly going on trends/the opinions of others.

So with Dejulius, he was hyped up as a rising prospect when he committed. He rose up, and then fell after being (presumably) just okay in EYBL. So the overall “scouting” trend of him is pointing down. So that’s where the people like me who have never watched him play a game are gonna be looking at a lot, particularly when he’s not a guy who neatly slots into a role (like Nunez, where based on limited film you can see how he can be a nice 3&D wing similar to someone like Dakota Mathias).


The thing with DeJulius is he sat out most of (all of?) July which definitely doesn’t help his stock in terms of national perception.


Why do people keep saying that he fell?

Blue is 247 and green is composite. Yes, he slipped a bit. Then he immediately skyrocketed into four star status on the composite.


I thought he snuck into the top 100 at the end of his senior season. Looks like I misremembered


Matt put him in the top 100 in his rankings, you might be thinking of that. I do think that he didn’t climb quite as high as people were thinking, so that could have something to do with it.


Some times these rankings will go as your AAU team fairs during the aau season. The Family if I recall did not make it to Vegas or whatever finals. I believe their team was not as promising as in the past.


No surprise here, but for finality.